The Party Started Yesterday At Breakneck Speed

Today is the first day of the best month of the year. July marks the middle of summer, the celebration of a ragtag group of people who decided to change their destinies by starting a revolution the likes of which had never been tried, the blogagirthery of sandylikeabeach and the celebration of my entrance into this world. You may not think July is that special. Perhaps you like the month that celebrates your entrance into the world better than July or perhaps you like a different month for a different reason. Every month has a reason to celebrate, but for me, that month is July.

I often encourage people to celebrate their birthdays all week or month long because why not celebrate you as often as you can. You can do crazy things and when people look at you funny you just say. “It’s my birthday” and suddenly everyone nods and understands. Or perhaps they’re nodding because they often use the birthday excuse to justify their crazy behavior even if it is not their birth month or week or day.

I started my birthday celebration yesterday though yesterday was still June. But since it was the last day of June and the day before the first day of July, it was July eve or the eve of my birth month. Now, I didn’t realize I would celebrate yesterday until Dex got here and walked into the room and asked, “So you want to go for a ride?”

I’ve known Dex for almost three years and about two years ago he promised me a motorcycle ride. We never seemed to get around to it for one reason or another and I never mentioned it again, so I was surprised when he asked his question yesterday. I said sure.

It was supposed to be just an around the block thing but sometimes when you say you’re just going to walk around the block but you realize you’re really enjoying your walk so you go a little farther, well that’s what happened yesterday. Just around the block turned into a nice afternoon ride.

On one two lane road that is straight but a little hilly and not much traffic we got up to 100 mph. All I can say, is I now know what Jen was talking about when she said there is no greater feeling than to be on the back of a bike while it’s going 100 mph over the Howard Franklin bridge except we weren’t on the Howard Franklin bridge but we were going 100 mph. It was exhilarating. I’m not sure if all my celebrations this month will be as exhilarating, but I have a month to find out.

So to all my peeps who are celebrating birthdays this month – Kathy, Jean, Mary, Ronnie, Glenn, Jane, Dave, Ben, Helen – Happy Birthday to us! Celebrate all month!


18 thoughts on “The Party Started Yesterday At Breakneck Speed

  1. My 50th birthday is July 26th. I like the idea of celebrating the entire month, too. Why not? I’ve been bummed out because I’m ushering in the month with a bad tooth/mouth situation – hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of it very soon.
    I think riding on the back of a motorcycle is exhilarating, at least it was when I was in my youth. I don’t know if you’re like me, but in my mind I’m 20 years old and can still do anything. Reality sometimes sneaks up and bites me in the butt, or lately, in the mouth.
    Hope your birthday month continues to be filled with exhilarating fun.

  2. I tried to get Sir Paul to sing for you, but he’s a busy dude….”You say its your birthday (nananana nah nah)”
    A most happy July to you !

  3. Happy Birthday month to you, Sandy! My first born has a July 3rd Bday, so I agree that it IS a great month and I also agree that Birthdays need to be celebrated all month long and I agree once more that being on the back of a motorcycle going 100 mph is spectacular but not as spectacular as your birthday month and hardly not as spectacular as you, yourself, are! CHEERS!

  4. Happy Birth Month, Sandy!!!

    July is a great month to be born in. Some of my favorite folks were born in July — my son turns 21 on the 24th, and my Dad was born on the 31st.

  5. The rest is small potatoes. Happy Motorcyle ride. I told you so.
    Oh, all right. Happy Birthday. I’ve already ignored….forgotten which one, and Happy Blogirthday.

  6. My birthday month is July as is my son and my daughter’s. We are all just happy July people! Happy Birthday, Sandy! Enjoy!

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