Tropical Red Blotches And Redundant Weather

I should probably pay more attention to the weather forecasts, but since weather can be a bit unpredictable, the attention I pay to it is also unpredictable. Take today for example. I remember hearing vague reports of rain for today with some forecasts calling for a 70% chance of rain. That report was a couple of days ago but I was occupied with other thoughts and activities most of Friday and Saturday and failed to watch any weather news or news of any kind.

So knowing it might be a rainy day, I was not surprised when I woke this morning to the sound of rain. The sound of rain which was accompanied by actual rain, continued as I enjoyed a breakfast of eggs on toast with melon. It continued as I threw a few clothes in a bag and some food in a cooler and placed those items in my car. It continued to rain as I left my home near the water to travel to a house that is even closer to the water to begin a petsitting job.

It has not stopped raining. I’ve had to let water out of the concrete swimming hole as Jethro used to refer to it two times in the six hours I’ve been here and it’s looking like I’ll have to do it again in another hour or so. So in an attempt to ascertain when the rains may subside I turned on the TV to the weather channel. I was having trouble locating my area on the map and then realized my area was where the big red blotch was, with more big red blotches and some yellow blotches heading my way.

Yes, I am enjoying the tropical effects of Debby. I just looked up the forecast on NOAA’s website. Not surprisingly, the rain chance for today is 100%  and my little part of the world is under the following warnings:

Coastal Flood Warning
Tornado Watch
Tropical Storm Watch
Flood Watch
Hazardous Weather Outlook

I think the last one is redundant. From what I understand, the sun may reappear sometime on Tuesday. Until then I’ll leave you with the view of the weather here as NOAA sees it.

I’m somewhere in all that orangey mess.

26 thoughts on “Tropical Red Blotches And Redundant Weather

  1. Stay safe, and see if there’s a way to let the water drain continually overnight.
    And see if NOAA makes some kind of cream for that or something. FLAs complexion is horrible!

    • Sadly, there is not a way for it to drain continuously. I just let more out for the third time. Florida’s complexion is usually much clearer than this, perhaps all that chocolate she’s been consuming, oh wait, that was me.

  2. We are about to float away down here…my yard is squishy.

    I only vaguely pay attention to the weather. Here in Florida, it is almost always sunny and warm, or sunny and hot. Very little variation. It has been dark, gray and gloomy since Friday. Debby has turned into a little brat…slinging water everywhere.

    • The yard is squishy here, too. And I just watched the news and they said that little brat, Debby, might hang around until Wednesday or Thursday. Yikes! At least there is a kayak here that I can use if the water gets too high.

  3. i have friends in disney right now, and i don’t think they left their room all day yesterday. i’m going thursday this week til next thursday.

    • The talk of the weather types is that Debby will be leaving the area by Thursday at the latest, so you should be able to enjoy our usual hot, steamy summer weather. Take a day or two and head over to Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Center if you get tired of Mickey Mousedom. It is only about an hour’s drive, if that, from Disney. And if you like frozen alcoholic drinks while sitting by a pool or lake, the Contemporary Resort’s pool bar has this drink called a Tangerine Dream that is quite tasty.

  4. Oh, dear – forgot that was YOUR sandy beach where it was headed. Them concrete ponds do git to be a problem in this sort of weather…ya gotta keep dumping it – or else! Maybe the darn thing will move on…such a slow storm. Well, just enjoy those Tangerine Dreams indoors!

    • The rains have subsided, but we are expecting tides about three feet above normal and high tide is in a couple of hours. The water is already close to coming over the seawall, but I don’t think it will make it to the house. I may have another glass of wine.

    • No more water falling from the sky, but now the wind is pushing in the tide so it is rising in the canal. Hopefully, my furry charges and I will remain dry.

  5. Here in sunny South-Africa, we do not have a problem with tornado`s. Until recently. I will do a post about it later with foto`s. A really sad story indeed.

  6. Hey, it’s not every day that you get such an impressive array of weather watches, warnings and outlooks! If you turn your screen sideways, it almost looks like NOAA’s version of Pac-Man eating Florida. Stay dry!

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