George Clooney Twinkle Dancing In The Dark

So I’m watching this movie, although I have the sound muted and the Bose docking station with an iPod docked into it blasting music – right now Radar Love, which reminds me of the summer of 1975, but I don’t want to talk about the summer of 1975. I want to talk about George Clooney.

Or more specifically, I want to talk about how well George Clooney has aged. I don’t know if he has had any ‘work done’ as they like to say in Hollywood, but I do know that he was a fine looking young man and he is a fine looking older man. I say older. I think he is around my age, so I guess I mean older in an older than he used to be way and not an older than me way.

But no matter which way you go, there is no denying that he is a damn fine looking man at any age. So as I stared at his image on the TV screen because that is where it was and the reason I was thinking about him, I wondered just what it was that made him such a damn fine looking man. Or, sure he has a strong chin, and just a slight dimple in that chin. He has a good head of hair that may or may not really be his but if it is not really his, it sure looks like it could be really his. And if we look below the neck, he appears to have kept himself in great shape, but that is not the secret to his good looking charm.

With Dancing In The Dark (I know I referred to Radar Love earlier, but that was a few songs ago, I just didn’t tell you every song that has played. I’ve been distracted by analyzing George Clooney’s remarkable aging well thing.) blasting in the background or foreground since it was the only sound in the room except for the clicking of keys on the laptop but that was only sporadic, I gazed at George Clooney and then it happened. He smiled. Not at me, but at someone in the movie. He’s not in the room with me, though I wouldn’t mind if he was.

It’s not just that he has a great smile. Lots of people have great smiles. I think for most people, their smiles are their best features. But when Clooney smiles, his face lights up and his eyes very definitely twinkle. And it is the source of that twinkle that makes me go weak in the knees. His smile is playful with just a hint of mischief. That is a vey seductive combination for me. That is a smile that makes me say yes, no matter what the question is. Sadly, I don’t think George will be asking me any questions any time soon, or at all. But if he did while smiling that smile, I’d say yes. No matter what question was asked. Because as Seal sang and I only mention it because that’s what is playing now, “we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy.”

This isn’t the smile I’m talking about, but I wouldn’t say no to this either. Image captured from

For those that might have a quibble that the previous photo was of a younger version, I say he is still a damn fine looking man. Photo credit Wikimedia Commons


28 thoughts on “George Clooney Twinkle Dancing In The Dark

  1. Georgie is 51 and HAWT as hell! Oh.My.Gawd., Thank You for reminding me how much I adore older-than-me-manly men! (Is it hot in here??)

  2. Funny, I must admit he’s a damn fine looking man, but for some reason he doesn’t heat my blood. I think I might enjoy knowing him, as part of a larger group of friends, but it’s hard for me to imagine saying yes to him. If I did, it would only be out of curiosity, and bragging rights. “So let me tell you about the time I slept with George Clooney……” and frankly, I’d be curious to know what kind of lover he is and the only way to really know is to have first hand experience.

  3. I hate him! The American is a brilliant film in case you haven’t seen it. Lots of topless shots of him but also a fine character piece etc etc. Nah! as Mrs Fightback says “Get yer kit off Georgey Boy!”

    • I have seen The American and thought it was brilliant, plus there were all of those topless shots of him that allowed tremendous insight into his character.

  4. Yes, one damn fine looking man. And you are right – it’s the smile. It’s a “private” smile – one that says, “This is just between me and you.” Even if the you is millions of women. I’ll be one.

  5. I think part of his draw is the attitude – he doesnt look like he’s “trying” to impress or look younger or whatever….
    One of you most brilliant posts (not saying that cuz i secretly hope George will show up someday & take me to Italy…). πŸ˜‰

    • I think the photos of George contribute greatly to the brilliance of the post, but I thank you for your kind words (while secretly wishing that I am next one to win a make a fantasy come true free trip to Italy with George contest).

  6. Did I miss something? Am I the only one who has been waiting for days to find out about the naked man in your living room when you returned from your trip? Or did I miss a post about this? Please, please, I want to know!

    • Ha! You haven’t missed anything. As soon as I am inspired to relate the events of that evening in a humorous way while maintaining a bit of decorum, I will get that post up. In the mean time, you may want to refrain from holding your breath.

  7. Sigh. I am late to this party. George is handsome. Was handsome before, better now. Why are there so few women we can say that about?

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