How To Brighten Your Day The SYTYCD Way

I don’t normally comment on TV because I’ve never been asked to speak on TV though I did appear on TV many years ago as a Vanna White (before she was allowed to speak on air) type assistant to a local PBS TV gardening guru for a segment during that station’s annual fundraising auction. But this post isn’t about that. This post is about one of my favorite reality shows and by one of my favorite reality shows, I mean my only favorite reality show, So You Think You Can Dance which, despite my distaste for text shorthand I will refer to as SYTYCD because it will greatly reduce the number of characters of the alphabet I will have to type, though you can think the actual words when you read those alphabetical characters instead of thinking the alphabetical characters. It’s up to you.

This is the ninth season of SYTYCD and last night was the second episode of the new season. The first few episodes are the auditions where members of the SYTYCD judging team travel to various parts of the country to select contestants that will get a ticket to Vegas, baby, to compete in this year’s SYTYCD dance competition. While I enjoy the audition phase of the competition, I don’t much care for the wannabes that have little dance aptitude though they often have too much attitude.

This year, there has been very little of the not up to par and par has a high bar on this show dancer wannabes. Instead, fans are treated to some superb dance performances. Last night was no exception. We got to see a girl who counts a stint at Cirque Du Soleil and has a passion for pole dancing but not the kind of pole dancing you think of when you think of pole dancing, but an aerial gymnastic kind of pole dancing. Anyway, she did this ballet routine that was phenomenal and of course she got that straight to Vegas, baby, ticket. There was another guy who did this martial arts-dance fusion routine that was set to what sounded like Taiko Japanese drumming. It was incredible and I think he got straight through to Vegas, baby, too. I don’t know for sure because I wasn’t taking notes.

I probably should have taken notes and then I would have known these people’s names but when I sat down to watch, though if I remember correctly I was already sitting down when I changed the channel to the channel that was airing SYTYCD, I didn’t think I would be writing about it so I didn’t have pen and paper handy, but I so enjoyed the experience that I decided to write about it today and of course, I don’t remember all the performers’ names. I suppose I could look them up on some other person’s blog, but that would take away from the amount of time I have allotted to writing and even though I am saving time by using a text shortcut for SYTYCD, I don’t believe that time savings is enough to permit extensive research. And I’m lazy.

There is always an emotional story or two on these audition episodes and last night we got the requisite story or two. The first one was this girl who danced brilliantly though the judges felt she wasn’t putting all her emotions into her dancing and they asked her if her family supported her in her dancing and she started crying because it turns out that her mother kicked her out of the house though the why was a bit vague and she had to move in with a friend. She got a ticket to Vegas, baby, after making it through the choreography round and I’m thinking if she makes it to the final few contestants there will be some attempt at a family reconciliation engineered by the SYTYCD producers, but I could be wrong.

The other emotional story was a brother sister duo who survived a horrific car crash just six weeks before the audition. The brother half of the duo was in a coma for two days. They both earned tickets to Vegas, I think. Again, I wasn’t taking notes.

However, the most entertaining almost nine minutes of the two hour broadcast belonged to the Ninja Twins, Nick and James. They were genuinely likable, funny and performed well. However, they exceed the age cutoff by two years so we won’t be watching them in Vegas unless some producer somewhere decides to back their act. I don’t know how they would have fared in the competition, because they really are a package deal.

In case, you missed it and you have almost nine minutes to spare which you should have because I used that text shortcut for SYTYCD, here they are for your smiling, laughing, dancing pleasure! It is sure to brighten your day!

11 thoughts on “How To Brighten Your Day The SYTYCD Way

  1. At my nephew’s wedding on Saturday so I will be showing off a few “moves”, cutting a few “shapes” – all the time thinking “ballroom king, you are a ballroom king”. Oh Dear – the one reality show I watch!

  2. SYTYCD is the first reality show I ever watched intentionally & I have kept up with it every year since. I think it’s one of the best shows on TV I was so disappointed when they cancelled the Canadian version even though the judges all said the Canadian dancers were better than the American dancers. I love this show & watch it every time it airs.

    • More often than not, it is an incredible mix of very talented dancers, brilliant choreographers and interesting music, at least that’s why I watch.

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