A Pokey Man Tale That Left Karla Breathless

“Did you end up in the pokey? Because that would be bad. Do people even say ‘pokey’ anymore? I don’t know. You’re the first person I’ve ever known who may be pokey bound. Or maybe you’re already there which is why you didn’t pick up the phone. And clearly I was not your phone call, not that I would want to be your phone call but I think who you call in a situation like this says something. And I think what it says in this situation is you don’t think enough of me to have me be your phone call. Of course, you should probably call a lawyer. But don’t say anything until you talk to him or her. I learned that by watching TV. See? I’d be a great phone call in this situation. I know what to do in this situation. And my mother told me I was wasting my time watching TV. But it’s very educational. Am I rambling? Because it feels like I”m rambling. I hate to ramble. I’d rather roam. Roam almost sounds like you have a purpose. I think I’m doing it again. Rambling, that is. Sorry. I know you think I apologize too much but this is the first time in this conversation, although it’s more soliloquy than conversation.  I just really wanted to apologize for the rambling thing. But that’s not the reason for the call. I called because I wanted to see if you were in the pokey. So if you’re not in the pokey, call me when you get this. Okay? Bye.”

Karla was out of breath when she snapped her phone shut and she thought to herself because you can only think to yourself, “Every time!!  I do that every time I get someone’s voice mail.”

She vowed the next time she got someone’s voicemail she would hang up. She would let the callee’s missed call function on the phone dictate whether a callback occurred. Or maybe she would hang up and send a text. That way a response of some sort would surely occur. She would definitely do one of those.

Next time.

It isn’t often I get to use my picture of Dinner eating dinner. (Dinner is the chicken and dinner is the chicken feed.)

12 thoughts on “A Pokey Man Tale That Left Karla Breathless

  1. Wow…you got the name right and I so sound like that! Ugh…did you get one of my messages, cause it sounds like you did and I’m not saying that’s bad or anything, I’m just saying that it’s funny. And by funny I don’t mean funny ha-ha but funny strange, you know? Am I rambling again? Cause it sounds like I’m rambling. I hate it when I do that. Sorry. And…..*beeping sound meaning the messenger is full*

    • This little tale was inspired by a true event but not the true event of you leaving a message for me or me leaving a message for you or anyone for that matter, but the true event of wondering if someone, again, not you, was in the pokey. However, all that being said, I did enjoy your confession of a tendency to leave rambling voicemails and not because it was funny in a strange way but because it was funny in a ha-ha way and it did make me ha-ha out loud, so thanks for that!

    • Sadly, Karla does not reside out west where hoosegows are more common, but she could probably benefit from one of those super quiet padded rooms you sometimes find in particular medical facilities.

  2. Some people just aren’t phone people – just not comfortable….Now some people aren’t phone people or voice-message-leaving people…not comfortable talking to a machine, but it’s just a machine, but…
    Uh, just hitting the post comment button….(some people just aren’t good at leaving comments…just ramble with roaming thoughts…. ). Uh, stoppi

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