Zip, Zip Sliding Away In A Tropical Downpour To The Wrong Email Address

Today was supposed to be an adventure filled day for me and my friend, Gwen. A couple of weeks ago we planned to zip the canyons today at a place called Zip The Canyons Tours a little north of Ocala. Some of you might be thinking “There are canyons in Florida?” And I’m right there with you on that and I’ve lived in Florida most of my life.

Now if you hear the word canyon and immediately think Grand or Bryce or Zion, then, no, we don’t have canyons in Florida. However, if you hear the word canyon and think big hole in the ground, then that we have in Florida. The big hole in the ground might be from an old limestone quarry or a prehistoric sinkhole that may or may not have filled up with water. One of those is probably what we would have been zip lining over today.

When we made our plans, we didn’t realize that tropical storm Beryl would be dumping tropical downpours on our little part of the world. Even as recently as yesterday we were planning our outing because neither of us had checked the weather so we had no idea that tropical weather was in our forecast. But it rained throughout the night and is still raining as I type this, so we made a new adventure plan.

This was supposed to be me zipping over what appears to be a water filled canyon. Image from Zip The Canyons Tours.

We’re going to the movies this afternoon to experience adventure vicariously through the motion picture magic of Marvel’s The Avengers. It will also be quite a bit cheaper than our zip lining adventure would have been especially if we avoid the concession stand.

So in the mean time, I realized that things have been sort of quiet around here, except for the thunder that accompanies the tropical downpours. The bloggers I follow have been unusually quiet. It seemed rather odd that they all stopped writing at the same time. So I decided to visit a couple of them or visit their blogs because I don’t know where they live and even if I did know where they live it’s probably not close enough to easily visit and discovered that they have not stopped writing but I had stopped receiving their posts in my inbox.

The only reason I could think of was that I changed my email address on WordPress so that blog related email will have its own email address and my regular non-blog related email will be easier to manage. I did the email change over the weekend when I was doing a bit of redecorating here. And the redecorating here was so much easier than redecorating my house. I didn’t have to buy paint or smell paint fumes, just click here and there, but apparently, that little email address change was too much for WP to handle and the blogs I adore reading stopped arriving in either of my email inboxes.

I’ve been spending the morning, going around to the various blogs I follow and unfollowing as it still showed that I was following them and then resigning up. So if you noticed that I unfollowed you and then refollowed you again and were thinking “What the ________ (please insert whatever your favorite word to follow ‘the’ in the ‘what the blank’ phrase is. I know what my favorite word is, but it may not be your favorite word), now you know why. I’m hoping the unfollowing and refollowing works. If I haven’t gotten around to unfollowing and refollowing your blog yet, I will.  As soon as I remember that I was following your blog.


26 thoughts on “Zip, Zip Sliding Away In A Tropical Downpour To The Wrong Email Address

  1. I love the new look! I cleaned up a lot over the weekend too, including fixing my blogroll. As it has several blogs I’ve seen you comment on, it might help you in your quest.

  2. The Avengers is a good movie, I hope you like it! Although, zip lining sounds much more fun 🙂

    • Cool! I’ll probably like the movie, but I was excited about the zip lining, but I’ll have to save that excitement for another day. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Too bad you had to cancel your trip, but I heard the movie was, to quote my 12 year old son and his near 17 year old sister, ‘AWESOME’!! So, have fun. AND, I like what you’ve done to the place. It really sets the whole tone off nicely.

    • I’m sure the movie will be fun, just not zip lining fun, but of course, I’ll get around to the zip lining eventually. And thanks, I’m quite pleased with the new look.

  4. It’s never a good idea to follow me in any sense of the word. Don’t say i didn’t warn ya.

  5. Striking redo. Well chosen.
    Hear that area has been in severe drought – so hope the rain is able to soak in some – and not just run off hard baked ground.
    (Several have mentioned problems with blogs being followed not showing up..always something mysterious going on in blogland.)
    Glad you explained about the canyons there….
    Enjoy the movie!

  6. I thought someone was following me! Oddly, this is the second post in a row that I’ve read that was about zip lines. The first was about a kid’s backyard zip line.

  7. I had a similar experience when I changed my email address from work to home & had to re-follow a few people. The people I follow who do not use Word Press are the hardest to change. I think I told you a few comments ago that I like your new look, if not I do!

    • Thanks, again! But weirdly they (meaning the blogs I follow) are still in that reader thing which I normally don’t use, but I’m finding it may be the way to go.

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