The Whimsical Choice Not Taken And A Font Takes Its Place On The Page

After all the votes were counted and the comments read, I finally made my selection for my personal leaving card. I know most people refer to them as calling cards, but the cards don’t call and yes, I do realize that they are known as calling cards because professional types tend to call on clients or potential clients and hand out their cards, but technically they are leaving their cards behind when they leave the client’s office or home or boat or wherever the client might be so leaving card might be a better term.

So this is the design I chose for my personal leaving cards.

You are probably thinking that doesn’t look anything like the choices I asked you to vote on. And you would be right about that. It is a different design. Here’s the thing. Okay, there’s not really a thing but that’s what people say when they are about to confess or profess or some other ess that lets you know what their thinking process was that brought them to this moment in time.  I liked the one with the green umbrella, but I was a wee bit bothered by the skewered green olive in the pink drink and this is the thing I said ‘here’s the thing’ about, I also found it whimsical.

I’m not whimsical. I occasionally wish I was a bit whimsical, but I am not. I am a bit odd at times and occasionally quirky and possibly weird but not whimsical. I’ve known whimsical people and I am most definitely not like the whimsical people I have known. So since I have this weird need to have my leaving card reflect my personality as much as a leaving card can be such a reflection (and this weird need does not mean I am whimsical just a bit odd or possibly weird hence the weird need), I started to examine the other card.

Now the other card had no green umbrella but it garnered, not to be confused with garnished which is also something you can do with green olives and black olives, too, the most votes from my readers. I admit it was calming to look at the other card without the green umbrella, but the words which are the most important part of a blogger’s leaving card  could be easily overlooked as one of my readers, the philosophermouseofthedege, noted in her comment. My friend Deb said the hat reminded her of those old ladies who wear red hats and she pointed out that I have nothing in common with those red hat lady types except for the sex. Not the amount of sex they or I are having because I don’t know how much sex they are having but I do know how much sex I am having, but that we are of the same sex. Which left just the whimsical choice so I decided to do a bit more prospecting in the canyon of leaving card templates and finally settled on one with palm trees which are probably my least favorite tree but only if they are in my yard. Palm trees are fine in other people’s yards or on business property or growing wild in their native environment or on a leaving card.

And my choice of leaving card makes use of two of my favorite colors. If you are guessing purple and purpler which is just like purple, but more so, then you are half right or half wrong, depending on which glass you’re holding. The correct answer is purple and black. Plus, there is orange which is another one of my favorite colors and fruits but it doesn’t appear in fruit form on my leaving card. I have quite a few favorite colors and fruits but not vegetables because I am more fruity than vegetably. The orange color also gives it a tropical feel or maybe the palm trees do that or maybe it’s a little of both.

And tropical is good although I think I was getting hung up on the beach thing and thinking that my leaving card should be beachy in some way and this card isn’t really. Beachy in some way, but it is beachy in that the word beach appears on it so it is in fact beachy in some way or more specifically, a specific way.  Perhaps the palm trees combined with the word beach suggest a beach but the palm tree image could also suggest an oasis in a desert because that is where one finds an oasis.

And as strong as the primal pull of the sea is, I don’t spend anywhere near as much time at the beach as I would in my perfect world. Nor is my writing centered on the beach or nautical things or some might say anything at all. Having no center meant I could abandon a beach scene for something else and that something else is reflected in my leaving card which is a reflection of my personality or the personality I want you to think I have.

Now, in the tradition of posts that can’t find their ending, I’ll just say, and what about that font? I really like the top font on the leaving card and I can write just like that when I type using that font. That font is so very me or the me you think you know or maybe both. It’s one of those. And I think it is just fontastic that you were with me on this epic expedition of reading way too much meaning into a leaving card. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!


18 thoughts on “The Whimsical Choice Not Taken And A Font Takes Its Place On The Page

  1. Love what you’ve done with the place. I understand exactly, I have a wife. She says, should I wear the red dress, or the blue one? I say, the blue one. She says, right, the green one it is.

    • Thanks, Archon. The place needed a revamp. The problem with making a choice between two things is that there is usually a third or fourth way to go.

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