This Is My Welcome Post Welcoming My 100th Subscriber To My World

Texanaskitchen became my 100th subscriber shortly after my post with the catchy title of Wordy Wordsmith And The Embedded Parenthetical Confederate Nuclear Missile was published. I know, right, that was an impressively long title for a post and some readers might have been expecting a mystery involving a wordy wordsmith and a confederate nuclear missile of the embedded parenthetical type so they were surprised by my little tale of no immediate plans.

Or did you think wow 99 other people are trapped here, too, because it does seem a bit fantastical that you weren’t the 100th subscriber unless you happen to be Texanaskitchen. I’m so excited for her or him I’m not sure because I was so excited I didn’t really do a examination of let’s just call him or her the luckiest 100th subscriber on the planet. That doesn’t mean he/she is the luckiest 100th subscriber on the planet but that’s how we’ll refer to him/her. This is a moment worth remembering. For this is a moment that has never happened before and will never happen again, unless someone stops subscribing and I retreat back to 99 subscribers and then the next subscriber would subscribe and it would be like deja vu all over again. And yes, I know that was redundant but I liked the way it sounded.

So anyway, Texanaskitchen is probably wondering what kind of prize is associated with this great honor. I could say the luckiest 100th subscriber on the planet is winning a hundred of something. I don’t know what, maybe brownies or pennies or chocolate Tootsie Pops. But I would be what some call misleading and others call lying and still others call business as usual. But I’m not one of those or those others, I believe in honesty tempered with kindness so I must say to Texanaskitchen, much as there is no spoon, there is no prize.

But be thee not sad, my fair Texanaskitchen, for I love thee just as much as I love each of my subscribers except for Trask Avenue, for he was my first and my first will always hold a special place in mine heart.

I tried a different writing style in the previous paragraph to show the depth of love I feel for my readers and how much I appreciate their abilities to read since I usually don’t have much in the way of photographs on my posts. I’m not sure it was appropriate given the nature of the subject matter, but I like to push boundaries, well sometimes though most of the time I’m just a subversive rebel in my dreams but not the subversive rebel of my dreams because I haven’t found him yet.

The requisite photo that has nothing to do with the rest of the post but it is pretty in a bright colors are pretty way.

So thanks so very much to all of you for reading and for commenting and for sharing. It’s all three of those. You make writing fun. That was my second Fleetwood Mac reference today where today means a 24 hour period and not a specific calendar day and where both references were the same but with different words because the reference was a song lyric. That must be some kind of record for use of the same but different Fleetwood Mac reference in one day but it probably does not involve a prize so no chocolate Tootsie Pops for me. Texanaskitchen and I have something in common. Neither of us won a prize for doing nothing but reading or writing. We’re soul sisters as they say unless she is a he and then we’re not soul sisters but we could be soul siblings.

So until next time when we learn the gender of Texanaskitchen unless we learn something else like how to function without a center, I’ll bid you adieu because I occasionally throw in a French word just because I can can.

22 thoughts on “This Is My Welcome Post Welcoming My 100th Subscriber To My World

  1. Congratulations Sandy, and welcome to the party Texanaskitchen.

    Me, I stay here because I’ve fallen and can’t get up. Or out. But it’s OK, cause it’s comfy here, just like a beach.

  2. Today, 100 followers, TOMORROW…well, probably just a few more.
    But the day after that, THE WORLD!!!
    Rock on, sandylikeabeach!

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