Is It Better To Be Rejected Or Forgotten On A Birthday?

As you may recall, about a month ago I became a repository of knowledge about repositories of knowledge in the hopes that becoming such a repository of knowledge about repositories of knowledge would improve my chances of becoming a low paid assistant at a local repository of knowledge. Sadly, my official rejection letter arrived with the afternoon mail. It, in fact, was the afternoon mail, had I not received this devastating news my trip to the mailbox would have been uneventful.

Devastating may be overstating my emotional response to the rejection letter that means I will not be working for $8.46 an hour for twenty hours a week.  I will continue in my role as one of the long term unemployed or possibly I’m retired or maybe semi-retired because there is that itinerant petsitting I do.

In any event, I am using this devastating news to drown my sorrows of not being hired as an assistant repository of knowledge at the county repository of knowledge by engaging in stimulating conversation while at the same time imbibing something my friend called woodchuck hard cider. It’s good.

So that’s what happened today, except I forgot to call my friend and second friend to subscribe to my blog, Gwen. It’s her birthday and I forgot to call her although I did post a card to her a couple of days ago. I wrote a post about it or about turning old but now distant acquaintances to rubber dandruff in a move to simplify my life. So in a way I wrote that post about her and this one too, because it’s all about you dear friend.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, GwEn!!!!!

This is DJ’s pool. I thought it might remind Gwen of her pool, though she could just look out the window.


4 thoughts on “Is It Better To Be Rejected Or Forgotten On A Birthday?

  1. Happy birthdday to your friend!
    I’m glad that the fact that the rejection by the knowledge repository folkshave not spurred you to use your repository of knowledge for evil.
    I do, however, giddily await you forthcoming book on beach fashions, beach drinks, and cabana boys, as I get the feeling that quite a bit of your reposed knowledge is data refering to those things.

    • She’s a good friend. There may be a book in me, or not, but I can’t really say much on beach fashions because I tend to wear a bathing suit, cheap rubber flip flops and a hat and usually have a long sleeve shirt for when I’ve had enough sun, so not very much knowledge to pass on in the fashion department, the other two choices might be rather interesting.

  2. Speaking as someone who was forgotten on her birthday in December by her hubby no less, I can attest, it’s worse to be forgotten on your birthday!

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