Wordy Wordsmith And The Embedded Parenthetical Confederate Nuclear Missile

A map of our route – looks pretty easy.

On the road again, well, not yet, on the road, that is, but a road trip is in my future and plans are being made. We plan on seeing the  world’s largest peanut monument, the Crime and Punishment Museum, the Confederate Nuclear Missile, the home of the American Camellia Society and Waddell Barnes Botanical Garden. We need to break up a six hour or so drive to hot ‘lanta as they used to say though they didn’t give their names.

My friend has to attend the wedding of some relative and since her husband will be out of town, she has to drive up (up being north) to Atlanta alone and she wanted some company and I didn’t have plans so then I became the planner of things to break up the six hour drive at her request. So I’ve been trying to come up with cool or quirky things to do that are just off I-75 between Gainesville (GO GATORS if you’re into that sports stuff and just about everyone around here (here meaning where I live and not my little part of BlogWorld) is) and Atlanta. Did you notice my use of the embedded parenthetical phrase in the previous sentence? Not just one parenthetical phrase, I placed a parenthetical phrase inside of a parenthetical phrase. You just don’t see that very often. Cool – right?

So anyway, if you happen to know of some cool or quirky spot to see which I have not already mentioned that fits the stated criteria, then tell me, because no stop is too small or weird for me to consider, in fact the odder or quirkier, the better, but I”m thinking Confederate Nuclear Missile is going to be hard to top. I’ll try to get pictures though sometimes I carry a camera and never use it. I really have to be in a photographic mood to use it.

The other mystery is whether I will be attending said wedding and in what persona. Perhaps I’ll be my friend’s plus one but I’m hoping for wedding crasher because who wouldn’t want to crash a stranger’s wedding especially if there is a good wedding singer working that gig. Ok, I do know my friend and she knows a few of the people that will be in attendance so it wouldn’t be full fledged wedding crashing except even with full fledged wedding crashing you run the risk of running into someone you know.

But that’s not until next weekend so you’ll have to wait to find out if I was in a photographic mood while gazing at the Confederate Nuclear Missile. In the meantime, there will be days and nights to fill with activities of a contemplative or edifying or stimulating nature and I haven’t made any plans for that because I really am spontaneous at heart. I live for spontaneity. Okay, there are other things to live for besides spontaneity but spontaneity seemed to work in this scenario.

The previous paragraph made use of far too many words to say I have no immediate plans. That is also true of the the rest of this post. I think it is a good sign that I am using more words because if I had written this post a year ago it would have used far fewer words and by far I mean 500. I would have simply written “I have no immediate plans.” Short and to the point, just like me.

But now, I used 500 words to say what I could have said in five. This is what is meant by real progress. I may become a wordy wordsmith yet!

8 thoughts on “Wordy Wordsmith And The Embedded Parenthetical Confederate Nuclear Missile

  1. For your perrsona, tell them that you are Gov. Rick Scott’s personal photographer. Due to budget cuts, you are left with whatever camera you use and a three year old photo enhansing software.

    When you go see the nuke, just say your from child services and are there to see if the missle has all nessisart child safety devices installed.

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