Red Scarves, Pink Skies, And Skewered Green Olives

Not long ago I told the tale of my journey to Miami to meet The Bloggess, though meeting The Bloggess was not my main reason for journeying to Miami.  You might remember that when The Bloggess was signing my copy of her $27 book, my friend DJ told her that I, too, write a blog. As you may recall, she (The Bloggess, not DJ) asked me if I had a card, and sadly I did not, so I do not know if she lost the complimentary bookmark that came with the $27 book where I scrawled the name of my blog and thus never visited my little corner of BlogWorld.

But that got me thinking that maybe I should have a card. People are always asking me what I do and I typically say that I wake up whenever and do whatever, sometimes just lay in bed and read if it is a rainy day, and oh, I volunteer and, I blog. After I explain what a blog is which happens more than you might think, I tell people the name of the blog and suggest that they ought to check it out. Of course, no telling if they remember to check it out or even if they remember the name of the blog, but if I could hand them a card, it would greatly improve the odds that they would remember the name of the blog.

So I came up with a couple of possibilities but I’m having a tough time deciding on which one I prefer. The first one I’ll refer to as the one with the green umbrella because it features a green umbrella. The other one I’ll refer to as the other one because it does not have a green umbrella. This is what the one with the green umbrella looks like.

I like the colors. It seems bright, quirky, possibly a little wacky and ever optimistic and at least a couple of those adjectives apply to me. I could see me sitting on a yellow beach under a green umbrella sipping my probably alcoholic drink wondering why the sky is pink. However, I am bothered  by what appears to be a skewered green olive floating in a pink drink. What kind of pink drink has a skewered green olive floating in it? Now, I like green olives even when they have been marinating in alcohol but I just can’t imagine one in a sweet or tart or sweetly tart pink drink.

The other choice for a card is the other one which you recall is the one without a green umbrella and it looks like this.

I like this one, too. I like the hat and the scarf. I have a similar red scarf though I don’t tie it around a hat. I usually use it to tie up, well, it doesn’t really matter what I use it for.  And that is a drink I think I would be drinking if I was sitting on a beach wearing a hat like that. However, she looks tall and that might be a problem. Tall has all sorts of expectations. Taller people typically are natural born leaders, good at sports and make more money (studies show all those things to be true) and yet they often complain about never being able to find pants long enough or not enough leg room on a airplane and it makes me want to scream but you’re a natural born leader who excels at sports and makes more than those of us who need to find someone to help us get something from the top shelf at the grocery store so who cares if your pants are too short – call them capris and be done with it. And I know what will happen when I hand one of these cards out. There will be that one person who says, “Is that supposed to be you? Because you’re short.” And I’ll just smile and wish I had that pink drink with a skewered green olive in my hand because that would be a distraction from the tall thing.

So, what to choose, what to choose? I created a poll because I always wanted to create a poll and think I might have real talent for poll creating and it gives you a chance to vote on which card I should use, or you could just leave a comment, or you could vote and leave a comment.

Of course, it’s possible I might not have real talent for poll creating, which is okay because I always thought I’d be better at choreographing poll dance routines, you know to entertain voters as they wait in lines at the polls.


36 thoughts on “Red Scarves, Pink Skies, And Skewered Green Olives

  1. I picked the second chpoice. The blue in that card was more relaxing than the bright colors of the umbrella card.

  2. How about the second one, but with the hat and scarf sitting on a beach chair, with no person?
    Very clever designs, sandylikeabeach!

  3. The olive did get me. Otherwise I like the one with the green umbrella. Maybe you should just put the green umbrella into the drink and sit under the olive. That would work for me.

  4. Hmm, I thought the first one was a pink lemonade martini with a piece of pineapple in it.

    Anyway, you should print a few of each, plus a few more designs. Maybe 2-3 designs but with different colors, so they’re the same, but different.

  5. I knda like the big hat, but a friend who does freelance work has several different cards, I think it’s “in” right now….and thanks, I have “calling cards” but didnt realize they dont mention my blog til now, duh.

    • You’re welcome! And thanks! I’ve been out of the calling card loop so I didn’t realize having several different cards was the “in” thing.

  6. Wow… first the wood pecker and now business cards. I think we’re still on the “same but different” cosmic plane! I just printed some cards for myself a few days ago.

    It seems I’m the only freak who voted for the green umbrella design… but here’s my reasoning.

    1- It made me think “rose” … like rose colored glasses & everything’s coming up roses, etc and that’s a good vibe. I think being a positive glass half full kind of person is better than haft empty. Especially if it’s holding a cocktail.
    2- As far as the olive goes, I don’t see a pimento or garlic clove or blue cheese or whatever stuffed in it so I can easily convince myself that it a piece of kiwi in a fruity cocktail. Sounds good to me.
    3- Finally, your tag line clearly says that you offer thoughts from “not your normal stream of consciousness” so the pink sky fits. Only someone WITH a normal stream of consciousness would use a blue sky.

    Hope this helps.

    • For a freak, you have three terrific rationalizations for your choice. And we are just two freaks swimming in the same cosmic sea, because I really like the vibrant colors of the one with the green umbrella, too.

    • I like these thoughts because they mirror mine so closely! Plus on the pink card you have adjectives to describe you, the other card doesn’t. I thought the green olive looking thing was a cocktail umbrella not opened.

  7. Poll dances! Poll dances! Just the thing needed in this political climate
    Oh, back to the comments on the cards.
    If your intent is to show off your blog information and the message is what’s important – go with the first one. The print stands out more with the contrast.
    The second one is cute – but the reader’s eye is drawn to the figure and hat (red-ish grabs the brain. The dots grab the eye like a bull’s eye.) The print message is secondary to the figure and wave design here. (But it is a very nice design)
    Consider “branding” before you create cards with multiple designs – or not…it’s blogging, not a business. Just fun.
    Great idea to print up some cards!

  8. I accidentally left you the same comment three times on the poll. Sorry! (but it was a good comment, I must admit.)

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  10. Even though it’s not the popular choice (by note), please go with the green umbrella card. I think you will be happier in the long run.

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