And Then I Got My Picture Taken With The Bloggess

So a couple of weeks ago, I agreed to accompany Deb’s mom on a road trip from north Florida to Pittsburgh as soon as I returned from the Miami-Vegas trip. That Monday as the Pittsburgh trip was taking shape I realized I was to appear for jury duty on the 21st of May. I quickly scribbled the dates I would be gone to Miami, Las Vegas and Pittsburgh and the need for me to accompany an elderly person on a trip as my reason to be excused from jury duty on the summons and mailed it that afternoon.

The next day I received an email from Deb saying her mom had to be in Pittsburgh on the 14th for a cardiologist appointment and since I would still be in Miami on the day we would need to leave to arrive in Pittsburgh on time, I was released from accompaniment duty, so it turns out I won’t be in Pittsburgh this week.

So I called the courthouse to get reinstated for jury duty on the 21st. I don’t think that clerk had ever dealt with someone trying to get on jury duty. I explained how I had mailed in a request to be excused since I thought I would be out of town, but now that I’ll be in town, I’d like to put my name back in the jury pool. I think I may have mentioned being more dandelion than orchid and how you’d never get this from a practical petunia type of person, but there you have it, I was the first person to try to get on jury duty.

Now you may ask why I tried to get back on when everyone and his mother tries to get out of jury duty. I would like to say it is because I am so civic minded and how it would be an honor to serve my community in such a manner, but that wouldn’t be the whole truth or even most of the truth.  The real reason is if I get out of it now when I don’t need to, they will summon me at a later date which may be much less convenient and then I’ll try to get out of it and they’ll say we already excused you the last time, so you better show up this time. Oh yeah, it also pays $15 a day.

Now $15 a day may not sound like much to those of you who make more than $15 a day but to those of us who make nothing a day, $15 is a kingly sum if the king we’re talking about is the king of a tiny kingdom. With $15 I could go see two movies, but not at the same time, or I could enjoy a meal at a restaurant if I stick to water as my beverage, or I could buy about four gallons of gas.

Speaking of gas, when I left for Miami on May 4th, I paid $3.72 a gallon for gas and when I filled up on my way back on the 12th, it was $3.52 a gallon. Now that’s a move in the right direction.

Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess, at Books & Books

So when I got to Miami (technically Coral Gables) on the 4th, I asked DJ if we could go to Books & Books to see The Bloggess, so we did even though DJ had never heard of The Bloggess.  The place was packed by the time we got there, but I got a seat. DJ chose to sit at the bar. And for those of you who follow her (The Bloggess, not DJ) on Twitter, she said she had tweeted to her twits (that may not be how she referred to her followers) that she was wearing pajama jeans and half a poncho and I can indeed verify that is what she was wearing. She read a chapter from her book and answered a few questions.

After that, DJ asked me if I was going to buy her book and stand in line to get it autographed. I wasn’t planning on it because the book is $27 and I haven’t been to jury duty yet, but DJ said I should so I did. DJ also bought a copy of the book. Of course, by the time we decided to do this we were at the end of the autograph line.

There was a group of ladies ahead of us in the line and one of them said she had driven from Naples to meet The Bloggess, so I said that’s nothing, I drove 5 1/2 hours to get here. Of course, attending the book signing wasn’t my sole reason for driving 5 1/2 hours, but I would have received the prize for driving the farthest if they had handed out a driving the farthest prize.

The lady with the dead mouse fascinator hat.

One of the ladies in the aforementioned group just ahead of us had made a little hat with a dead mouse on it that she was going to present to The Bloggess. It was like those fascinator hats that were all the rage at William and Kate’s wedding only with a dead mouse. I know it sounds unattractive, but it really was quite fetching.

Of course, it is hard to see the dead mouse in this picture, but I have another picture of The Bloggess trying on the hat and it is a tiny bit easier to see it, the mouse, not the hat.

The Bloggess trying on a lovely chapeau.

After we stood in a long line, it was our turn to get our books signed. DJ told The Bloggess that I write a funny blog. So The Bloggess asked what the blog was called. And I told her. Then she asked if I had a card, but I didn’t. So I wrote the name of my blog on the complimentary paper bookmark that came with the $27 book. I gave her the bookmark with my blog name on it and maybe she’ll stop by, or not. I’ll probably never know, but I did get my picture taken with her and DJ said I should make business cards with the name of my blog on them and pass them out to random people. I agreed I might want to do that one day.

After all that, we walked around the corner and got a bite to eat, because I was hungry after my long day of driving and standing in a line.

Me, The Bloggess and DJ at Books & Books


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  1. Too funny – this is the second bloggess post in a row tonight – whatimeant2say put up her book review a little while ago. My girl read it and I just started it.
    I once flew to Toronto to goto Assn authors garage sale.
    Sounds like you had as much fun as I did! Great story, sandy! Glad you had fun!

    • She was very sweet, personable and funny. She was also very accommodating as it was a large crowd and most people in attendance wanted to meet her, but Mother Theresa is a bit of a stretch.

  2. Congrats on meeting the Bloggess…I’ve also missed something in translation as I’ve not heard of her either, but I now have something to Google other than ‘how to build desk sculptures in your spare time’. Thanks,eh!

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