The Procrastinating Dandelion With Orchid Dreams

I feel young again. Everything is so clear and bright and fast – blazingly fast. The world seems full of possibilities. No, I didn’t find the Fountain of Youth but I am typing this on a new laptop. Last week I ordered a new laptop because my faithful machine of almost 10 years was showing signs of dying.

And then as is the case with most things that bite the dust, the end came sooner than I expected it would. My old laptop breathed its last on Saturday night. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. Or backup all my files. In fact, only the music made it on the flash drive before the computer bit the dust. I thought I had backed up my spreadsheets and photos, but that must have just been something I was planning on doing though I really thought I had backed them up. Oh well.

I wrote the first two paragraphs a week ago and then ran out of things to say. I was also tottering between being upset that I had lost some files and joyous that losing those files could be reframed as a first step to a more minimalist lifestyle. One friend has been telling me that perhaps the files can be retrieved by some computer geek for a price. However, a more minimalist lifestyle reframing has the added bonus of being free.

Sadly, the lost photos means I lost a picture of a perfect Alaskan dandelion. Not in its young yellow state, but in its puff of white ready to cast its seeds to the wind state. (The previous sentence fragment was quite impressive and long for a sentence fragment.)  The photo made excellent use of depth of field to isolate the dandelion in perfect focus against a slightly out of focus background of green.  I also lost a lovely photo of a purple orchid though it wasn’t taken in Alaska because orchids thrive in more tropical climates.

The loss of these two photos further sets back my post “To Be An Orchid Or A Dandelion” and illustrates the pitfalls of procrastination. A few days or weeks ago, I read a post by The Hobbler where she used flowers as metaphors to describe some of her blogger friends and asked readers to say what flower described their personalities. I left a comment saying I couldn’t decide if I was an orchid or a dandelion. And she was like I gotta hear this although I think she was slightly more grammatically correct than gotta.

So I began to think I could turn that comment into a post. After much thought I took the words ‘an orchid or a dandelion’ from my original comment and channeled the Bard by adding the words ‘to be’ at the beginning to come up with the title. I was quite pleased with my title. Then a few days later I realized I had the perfect photos to illustrate my post and spent considerable time looking at the photos and deciding which of the two dandelion and three orchid photos I would use. All that was left was to come up with the actual words of the post.

Of course, I never got around to that. And now I have the excuse that I need to get another photo of a dandelion. Fortunately, I won’t have to go to Alaska to find a dandelion, but I’m not sure I will be able to capture another  dandelion in quite the same way. The purple orchid photo will be more problematic to replicate as I don’t often encounter purple orchids or orchids of any color.

Now, some of you might be thinking “Why don’t you just grab pictures of dandelions and orchids off the internet to illustrate your post?” Clearly, you are not procrastinators or you would realize that being both photographer and writer ups the ability to find reasons to procrastinate. Not that I need reasons to procrastinate, since procrastination as I practice it approaches art.

In other news, my life is about to get busy. A five hour drive on Friday to Miami for a few days of fun in the sun then a flight to Las Vegas for more fun in the sun then back to Miami for one day to recoup from the Las Vegas red eye flight then a five hour drive home followed by a day of laundry and squeezing a lunch with Mom somewhere in there because it will be some sort of special day for mothers followed by a 3 hour drive to north Florida to pick up a friend’s mother then a 15 hour drive to Pittsburgh.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be in Pittsburgh as we haven’t really discussed the return trip except to say I need to be back by June 4th so I can be in Tampa on June 5th for a petsitting gig.

Of course, this means the orchid dandelion draft will remain a wordless except for the title draft in the drafts folder for the foreseeable future. The thought has crossed my mind that my procrastination on the orchid dandelion post could be due to my reluctance to admit that I am more dandelion than orchid or perhaps just a dandelion with orchid dreams.  Do dandelions dream of becoming orchids? That might be a cool title for a post.


35 thoughts on “The Procrastinating Dandelion With Orchid Dreams

  1. First of all, great post.

    But on the business side of things. I can maybe fix your computer for you (get the files back) without charge, depending on what exactly is the matter with it. I may be able to do a “mission to ground-control” style walkthrough via email, or just fix it in person since I’m in Gainesville. If somebody made this offer to me I would probably not take them up on it, because of the hassles involved, and the unpleasant mixing of virtual and real worlds, and because well… procrastination. But if you are dedicated to retrieving the files I’m willing to help. Anyways, perhaps that’s a weird offer or creepy or something. I don’t know. But email me if you wish.

  2. Oh Sandy, I’m so sorry about the missing photos. Your life sounds pretty exciting, and you look beautiful, so I’m going to go with orchid, although you do seem to be about to go all over the country, which could be likened to a dandelion spreading seeds all over. There is probably a little of both. I hope you find a way to get the pictures back.

  3. Thank you for bringing this to our attention – my artform of procrastination has been allowing me to not back up as well. Sounds like a fun few weeks ahead – have a safe trip[s] !

    • Like I used to say, backing up is my worst event in a car. Now I’ve expanded my worst event to backing up computer files. I think this means I could get two gold medals if there were medals for worst Olympic performances in backing up cars and computer files.

      In other news, you’re invited to the first meeting of the Procrastinators Anonymous group. Date and time to be announced at a later date still to be determined.

  4. It would make an excellent title. Dandelions are adaptable, hardy with wild joyous beauty…still everyone dreams of being the delicate hot-house exotic beauty that must be pampered ( the Barbie of the flower world?)
    Sorry about the computer – that’s so not fun.
    Real flowers bloom briefly and don’t last forever…maybe your flower photos are just staying true to their nature and returning to their roots?
    Nice post!

    • Thanks, Philosopher! I like your descriptions of dandelions and orchids. I may have to borrow them if I ever get around to writing that post.

  5. I think Dandelions are pretty and whimsical! And fun- you can play games with dandelions like ‘mama had a baby & it’s head popped off’, and make fabulous wishes upon them when their end is near. I’ll be a dandelion with you sister! We can be orchids on saturday nites when it’s time to party!

    • The Dandelion Sisters go clubbing at the Purple Orchid Lounge! I think we could write a book or movie or maybe a comic strip except I can’t really draw anything other than stick people and rocks.

  6. Sounds like May is going to be extremely busy for you! Be safe in your travels & can’t wait to see what you do with a dandelion & an orchid.

  7. Whatever type of flower you bloom majestically and radiantly.
    Perhaps bring back pictures of exotic desert flowers from Vegas…

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