42 thoughts on “The World Would Be A Happier Place If

  1. OMG SANDY, I’M KNOWN FOR THIS IN MY TOWN! My daughter is completely traumatized by our visits to the grocery store. “My Sharona” gives her flashbacks.

    • Back when I was a member of that elite group known as the employed, I often danced down the halls and in the copier/file room. Now I must get my groove on while dancing in line at the bank or dancing down the grocery store aisles. It is FUN!

  2. It would also make trying to avoid other dance/walkers add interest to one’s daily pedestrian activities! Here, I get strange enough looks when I use my little scooter to tootle around town. Kids don’t get a second glance, but somehow not too many, er, slightly elderly people seem to use them! Sadly, they are banned in some of the malls’ parking … DEFINITELY in the actual malls!

  3. I too have gotten the weird looks from dance/walking in public. And never really cared.
    HOWEVER, it anyone wants to try this on 5th avenue, there is a very small window on any given day when the sidewalks are that empty.
    And woe to the group of tourists/in their own world types that block us hardcore NYers from where we need to go.
    Dance on! with caution!

    • Caution and dancing don’t really go together. Dancing and wild abandon go together. But I’ll refrain from dancing on 5th Avenue and simply enjoy a danish in front of Tiffany’s ala Audrey Hepburn the next time I’m on 5th Avenue.

  4. A few years ago at work I was walking for a walk on my walk, and came across some chick on her break rollerskating. Except she wasn’t rollerskating, she was rollerboogiestepping. Like, doing these dance moves with her skates. And they were the old school four wheel NOT in line skates, too. While listening to some kind of MP3 speaker thing, blasting something funky. I don’t know what possessed her to do that, but I stepped with her for a couple of blocks.

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