Research Kayak Dream Trip To Vegas Without Quotations

I was going to write this post this past Sunday morning and call it the Weekend Update, but then it became Sunday night and I still had thoughts of writing a post but the title would then be the Weekend Wrap Up because I was going to tell you about all the cool and fun things I did over the weekend. But now it’s Tuesday afternoon and by the time some of you read this, it will be Wednesday or maybe Thursday so having weekend in the title seemed dated. Plus, now I can include the cool thing that happened yesterday.

So now the decision becomes do I tell the tales of my cool fun things in FIFO or LIFO order. That’s accounting/inventory valuing/tax talk which I felt was appropriate since today is the deadline for filing your taxes or filing an extension for your taxes. I already filed my taxes a while back around the time I dreamt of whales. The CDO part of my personality says to go with the FIFO approach. For those of you not in the know about accounting/inventory valuing/tax stuff, CDO is not shorthand for collateral debt obligations. Okay, it is shorthand for that with that being what brought down the banking industry way back in 2008, but I’m using it in the obsessive compulsive disorderly personality way except the alphabetical part of me likes the bits of the alphabet in their A to Z order since I mostly read from left to right.

So in an orderly fashion, I’ll start with Friday night which happened to be the night of the Relay For Life. Some of you may recall my post when I asked for donations and said that if each of my followers would give just one dollar I would fall way short of my $250 goal. As it turns out, only four people donated in my name, though they did give more than a dollar each, but still I fell $60 short of my goal.

However, I’m not going to dwell on my lack of goal achievement. Instead this paragraph will be about gratitude. So a HUGE thank you to the four people who donated in my name. I sent two of them a personal email of gratitude and one person I thanked in person because she’s my mom and doesn’t have email, or a computer, or an answering machine, or a microwave. Basically, my mother is living in 1964. But the other person chose to be anonymous so I couldn’t send him or her a personal thank you so if you are my anonymous donor, then THANK YOU!

Now, last year I stayed all night and logged quite a few miles. This year I didn’t stay all night because I only slept two hours on Thursday night and I had to rise early on Saturday morning for the second fun thing of the weekend, but I did stay about four hours and logged a few miles. I was going to keep track  of my laps/miles but got distracted as I was walking though not by squirrels. I’m guessing I logged two to three miles.

My main distraction was being snagged into participating in a long term cancer prevention research study. It’s similar to that study that followed nuns for 30 years except this study isn’t confined to nuns. I’m not sure if there are any nuns in the this study, but there might be. To qualify for the study, I had to be between the ages of 30 and 65 – check, and never have been diagnosed with cancer – check. Then I filled out a questionnaire.

After completing the questionnaire I was assigned a number. Henceforth I shall be known as Research Subject 33-31-41. At least, that is how the research study will know me. Everyone else will still call me Sandy. The number assigning person stuffed some papers in an envelope and told me I would be getting the envelope in the mail in a few days to complete, though I think she meant I would have to complete the paperwork inside the envelope and not the envelope. She added that it was just a little more detailed than the twelve pages of questions I had just completed. Then she said I would get a similar questionnaire every couple of years for the next 30 years or until I die, whichever comes first.

I then headed to the blood extraction area. For reasons that were a bit murky they needed to extract some of my blood so they could freeze it. About midway through the third vial of blood, I started to feel a bit warm so I used the printout of the study’s privacy agreement to fan myself.

The blood extraction girl was all like are you okay? And I was like yeah, it’s just a hot flash and then she was like my mom calls those power surges and I was like I call them slightly annoying.

In the preceding paragraph I decided to try out the conversational stylings of a 14 year-old as an attempt to avoid quotation marks. I’m not sure I like the effect, but will likely feel compelled to continue it throughout the post.

After the blood extraction, not much else happened except for walking. I walked a few more laps then I walked to my car. Then I drove home and went to bed.

That’s me – kayaking the Rainbow River.

The next morning, I arose to a beautiful, sunny, breezy day and headed for the Rainbow River for a kayak adventure. We put our kayaks in at K.P. Hole and paddled up to the main spring and then headed down river about six miles. I saw lots of turtles. I saw so many I lost track, not of where I was or where I was going but of the number of turtles I had seen. I also saw a Cooper’s hawk sitting on a low branch looking for some ducklings hidden in the reeds while the mother duck swam nearby quacking away trying to scare the hawk off.  I also saw egrets, a great blue heron and a pair of sandhill cranes. Sandhill cranes typically are found on or near sandy hills, so I was surprised to see them in a marshy riverbank. I also saw a river otter and an alligator swimming along the riverbank.

The alligator was the best part, because then every time I encountered a swimmer or tuber, by tuber I mean a person in an inner tube floating down the river and not an edible root vegetable because an edible root vegetable probably wouldn’t float, but would sink to the bottom of the river and really wouldn’t care about alligator sightings the way someone on an inner tube might care, I was like did you see the alligator and they were like what alligator and I was like just back there swimming and they were like REALLY and I was like just keep an eye out. Yeah, alligator sightings are the best!

So now we’re up to the cool thing yesterday. I know you’re thinking but what about Sunday? What cool fun thing kept you from posting about kayaking and blood extraction? Nothing. I was just procrastinating or lazy or lazily procrastinating. Onward to Monday’s cool thing.

I had just gotten out of the shower when the phone rang. It was Arnie. I haven’t talked to him since, well, I can’t remember when. And he was all like what are you doing and I was like I just got out of the shower and he was like REALLY and I was like what’s up. So he told me he had a dream and I was in his dream and we were in Las Vegas. Then he said he had always wanted to go to Las Vegas but he didn’t want to go by himself and would I go with him. And I was like sure, I’ll go. So since he lives in Miami we’ll be leaving from Miami and he suggested I call DJ and see if I could leave my car at her house since she lives about a mile from the airport. She’s also about a mile from the National Hurricane Center but that doesn’t mean that she’s about a mile from everything.

Now DJ is one of my dearest long time friends but she sometimes sucks at returning phone calls, but I can say that because it’s true and she knows I love her like a sister. So I needed to leave a message to get her to call me back so I called and left a message that was like hey, I want to come visit and while I’m there can I leave my car at your house while Arnie and I go to Vegas – call me.

I got one of the quickest return calls from her I’ve ever received. She was like WTF and I was like I know and she was like WTF and I was like I know. This went on a couple more times before I told her about the dream and how that meant I was going to Las Vegas with Arnie and we would probably be going out there in a couple of weeks. We decided that I’d drive down the day before the Vegas trip, then when I get back from Vegas, I’ll hang out with her, Kevin and the dachshunds for a few days before driving home.

So now you’re caught up on my news except for the fact that I broke a minute in the plank position this morning  – 1:00:91 was my time! WOOHOO! Of course, now I have to hold it at least a minute every time. I really didn’t think that through. Like I really didn’t think through writing without quotation marks. I may need to revive them for future posts.

29 thoughts on “Research Kayak Dream Trip To Vegas Without Quotations

  1. Speaking on the weekend name conundrum, El G would likely say you are on Canadian time. You really saw an alligator. They are a rare sighting in Calgary haha.

    • It was fun, except for the plank position. Holding that was pain to the 10th power of pain. That might be an exaggeration, but definitely at least to the 5th power.

  2. This may be my favorite of all of your postings.

    It would be SO much fun to tell a tuber (of the inner-tubing variety, not a large carrot) that there were aligators. Of course, I do most of my kayaking in Maine, so tubers are as rare as aligators.

  3. Your life is always so much more interesting than mine ! Dont forget one upside to blogging is you can totally fudge on timelines etc cuz none of us will really know…;)

    • I can totally fudge on everything – you’ll never know unless you know me, but so far I’ve only fudged on the little things like the theory of relativity as it relates to me.

    • So go to Vegas! Get a few girlfriends and head off for a weekend. A few years ago, I spent a long weekend in Las Vegas with four girlfriends and we had a blast!

      • Great idea from Sandy, Savor! Book a week with no clients, get some female friends, and abandon life-as-you-know-it for a while. Doing bad (well, not TOO bad) will do you some good. Recharge while you relax. And tell us all about it.

        • That is very sweet of you Archon. I actually just got back from a very nice retreat with friends a few weeks ago. I’d love to do another soon but not sure if I can afford it right now. But I stay busy hanging out with girlfriends having good times. Maybe I’ll write a post about my retreat from a few weeks back. hmmmm….I did spend a good portion of the time in the hottub wearing only my cowgirl hat, sunglasses and a smile. yes…this does sound like a promising post. 😀

  4. Another delightful stream of consciousness post with dialogue as related by 14 year olds.
    Sounds like a great kayaking trip. We kayaked in a preserve off North Hollywood beach (I think) last year and saw a Blue Heron.
    Hoping to go kayaking on the Hudson in the next few weeks.
    Have a gret time in Vegas! And don’t leave whatever happens there over there. (The stories will be too good to miss)

  5. We have wanted to try kyaking for such a long time – your post is giving me the motivation to actually research it and find where we can give it a whirl!

    • Kayaking is great and it allows you to get very close to wildlife if you’re into photography or if you just want to get a closer view. It can be done on lakes, rivers or in the ocean. I haven’t done any whitewater kayaking, but that is an option, too, for braver souls. I have some friends that fish from kayaks. You can rent kayaks fairly cheaply – usually about $25 to $30 for the day. Hope you give it a try!

      • wow, that sounds really wonderful. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever gone kayaking and I think maybe once or twice but many many years ago. I’d love to do something like that – maybe even whitewater kayaking if I really got into it, but the idea of being so peaceful and quietly close to nature sounds absolutely perfect.

        • It really is very serene and I’m constantly amazed at just how close I can get to the different animals I encounter. Manatees will often surface right next to the kayaks so we can pet them. And just being in nature surrounded by the sounds of nature is very soothing.

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