Cerulean Blue Honey Sequined Love Nuns

I came across an award that I will never receive. I found it quite by accident. I was lurking or loitering or lingering or lounging or some other “L” word but not the “L” word on another blog and one of the commenters commented that he had passed on an award to that blogger but did not say what the award was so being the curious but not yellow blogger that I am I visited the commenter’s blog to satiate my non-yellow curiosity.

Go check out the award I will never get right here, I’ll wait. Or not. I didn’t really wait but it doesn’t matter because you’re not reading as I’m typing. But in case you were too lazy to pop over to see the award for yourself you won’t pass the test later but I’ll describe it to you, the award, not the test. It is full of pastel colors and features a unicorn so apparently it was designed by a 12 year old girl. It is called the Best Commenter Award.

Now, I’m not sure all of my comments are my best words, but a few of them have been quite clever, astute, funny or some other adjective that makes me sound like someone you would like to have comment on your blog. Yet, the Best Commenter Award is not based on the quality of one’s comments, but the number. I think this is another justification for my hypothesis that this award was designed by a 12 year old girl.

I’ve always been a quality over quantity kind of girl, or I was that kind of girl. Now, I’m a quality over quantity kind of woman. At least I’m that way about most things. There are a few exceptions, but that’s fodder for another meandering musing. Maybe.

I’ve touched on my reasons for lack of comments in a previous post. Given the possibility that you remember that post better than I do because I don’t though it does seem vaguely familiar, I won’t bore you by repeating previously stated reasons. Suffice it to say, I am not the chattiest commenting Cathy in these blog parts or any other blog parts.  I’m not overly chatty in person either, unless a glass or two of wine is involved then I am borderline loquacious which I believe could be the definition of bodacious if we were to rewrite the definition of bodacious.

Image snagged from sharetv.org

Cerulean Blue. Honey West. Who but not who? Not while I work, oh right, I don’t work. No, but I wouldn’t rule out Betelgeuse. 42. No, but I could probably borrow a goat. Only in an elfin way. The Island of The Sequined Love Nun but I would have chosen a different adjective to describe it.

If the previous paragraph made no sense to you then you probably didn’t check out the post I told you to check out. I told you there was going to be a test. It’s not really a test, but I did answer the questions that awardees of the Best Commenter Award which should be called the Most Commenter Award or the I’ve Got Nothing Better to Do Than Comment Extensively On Your Blog Award (I think this was the first choice for the name of this award but that many words combined with the requisite unicorn portrait made the award too busy) are supposed to answer.  Since I knew I would never have an official opportunity to answer these intriguing questions, I decided to write a post so I could unofficially answer them.

If you are a less than stellar Jeopardy player and cannot determine the intriguing questions from my answers, you can always go over to the previously linked-to blog to quench your quest for questions. I’ll wait. By wait, I mean I’ll be lurking, loitering, lingering or lounging on some other blog not commenting, but I will be back here at some point in future time since I haven’t quite got the hang of traveling back in time to comment on your comments on my commenting post.

28 thoughts on “Cerulean Blue Honey Sequined Love Nuns

  1. I saw this title as I was shutting down and had to turn my computer back on to comment. Because I am THE best commenter, aren’t I. Just by being first, don’t I get a unicorn? Please?

    Sandy, you make good comments when you make them — why make a comment when it’s no more than “Wow” or “Great” — I always feel illiterate when I say that (sometimes I am, however illiterate and DO say no more than that. Unlike now apparently.) Since I have bestowed/forced on you several awards, I am sorry that I haven’t received this one so that I could foist it on you.

    But mostly, I had to comment because I LOVED Honey West, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t thought of that show in over 40 years. She was gorgeous and seriously cool. Thanks for the memory!

    • You would qualify for the award as you are one of my top commenters, however, I doubt that I am anybody else’s top commenter so I will never get the award to pass on to you. My suggestion is to go grab it and make it yours!

      I loved Honey West and then I loved Emma Peel and then I loved The Girl From Uncle and most recently I loved Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have a thing for strong kick ass females!

      Oh yes, I love your comments, Elyse!

  2. Since you have your answers all ready to go – I think you should go for it. You can go on the tags sites and click on all the recent posts and type “LOL”. I am guessing you can do 4,000 by tomorrow morning.

    • I could do that except that I do have better things to do than comment extensively on someone’s blog. Important things. Meaningful things. Things like extracting lint from my navel and figuring out at how to breach the space time continuum, though not at the same time because I prefer not to multitask.

  3. When I read Sirius Albus my Harry Potter mind said” The names are James Sirius and Albus Severus”. If I wasn’t menopausal I might have a little Sev or Al.

  4. Hi! My co-blogger and I were the creators of the Award. We’re not 12 year old girls, I promise. I have a 12 year old, but he’s a boy.

    The “award” was our way at poking fun at the various other fake awards floating around the blogosphere, since we’d just celebrated the 2000th comment on our blog that day.

    I checked out The Island of the Sequined Love Nun, and it might be perfect for a future Trashy Tuesday. Thanks for the recommendation and for answering the questions!

    • It’s a cool award – just one I would never be awarded but I liked the questions! I made up some awards of my own a couple of months ago, but I didn’t bestow them on anyone. I just told people to steal them if they so desired. If you like The Island of the Sequined Love Nun, you will love his book, A Dirty Job.

  5. Wow, I would never be able to choose winners of that award. I have some people stalking me I think, cause the same few leave a million comments on my blog. Feel free to throw yours in when you feel it necessary, but don’t ever feel pressured to. Sometimes a simple like, or even just knowing you stopped by is the most tasteful thing. Especially if you compare it to some of the actual comments I get. Okay, I’ll stop commenting now…

    • I think all you have to do is look at your stats and give the award to the people who have made the most comments on your blog. I’m conflicted about the “like” button, too, but that’s a topic for another post.

      • I really am not a fan of any award with rules. I sometimes make up my own awards, and Joe gave me one…ironically for talking too much. I should probably go to bed now. 😉

    • I think Cerulean Blue Honey Sequined Love Nuns would make an amazing Sparklebumps erotica tale. I can’t wait to read what you come up with and you don’t even need to give me credit for combining words from my answers to questions I wasn’t officially supposed to answer, although if your erotica tales ever get published and CBHSLN is one of those tales, a shout out in the acknowledgements would be a thrill!

  6. I often fail to comment when commenting is commented upon. That being said, I appreciate your ‘likes’ and your comments where appropriate. There often just isn’t anything to be said about some posts……Ummm…yeah, that’s about it. Thanks for reading my comment and commenting about it back. I’m assuming you will since you always do…I’ll just be hangin’ out at my blog, you
    know, just hangin’ out or lurking or loitering or lingering or lounging or some other “L” word but not the “L” word….See what I did there? Yeah…Okay I’ll stop now…..

    • Sometime commenting on comments is the hardest part of commenting especially if commenters are on their game and are leaving brilliant, hilarious, clever, or bizarre comments which is why I often lurk, linger, loiter or lounge on the fringes happily reading the comments while leaving no comments of my own. I endeavor to comment on all comments left on my little blog, though occasionally I let commenters have the last word.

  7. Read Lamb by Christopher Moore. So far, I think it’s his best (think I’ve read 6 of his?) Also, Christopher Buckley writes some hilarious tongue in cheek stuff.

    If it were a quality (instead of quantity) comment award, you would be inundated with them on a daily basis

  8. I won a radio contest one day with Honey West. The question was, Who was the first female police detective on TV? Many thought Angie Dickinson as Pepper Anderson. The DJ was flummoxed when he commented that I must have watched it a lot, and I told him I’d never seen it. I had to rely on Mad magazine for social commentary. Lived in a three-horse, one TV channel town in the sticks.

    • Congrats on the radio contest win! I do, albeit vaguely, remember watching Honey West on TV, though I must have been 8 or 9 at the time. I was a lucky child, we had all three network channels plus one independent channel that showed old B horror movies on Saturday afternoons.

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