Adverbially Yours

Sadly, once again the Easter Bunny passed over my house without depositing the requisite chocolate rabbit.

Happily, my local market had a buy one get one free sale on Dove promises so my pantry is well stocked with dark chocolate.

Ironically, I recently vowed to reduce my sugar intake.

Sinfully, I choose to ignore this vow when it comes to said dark chocolate.

Velvety is the feeling of the chocolate as it slowly dissolves in my mouth.

Heavenly is the combination of dark chocolate and red wine.

Eagerly, I look forward to my evening glass of wine and piece of chocolate.

Blissfully, I savor each sip of wine and nibble of chocolate.

Tragically, I must wait twenty-four hours to repeat the cycle.

Thankfully, this bit of chocolate infused winey nonsense has come to an end.


31 thoughts on “Adverbially Yours

  1. Sometimes you have to write like dancing. If you let your head take over too much you’ll suck at it. You have to feel your way through it. Maybe some people need to drink in order to dance (that would be me) and other people need to drink in order to write.

  2. You should have come to my house. You could have stopped my 2 year old from eating half a basket full of Hershey Kisses. Though I think his tummy taught him a valuable lesson this morning and now Easter may be his least favorite holiday.

    • I once got sick on hushpuppies (a southern food thing) when I was a kid. I still eat them, just not 18 at a time. Your little one will bounce back and probably have many more overindulges over the coming years, probably around Easter and Halloween.

  3. I’m resisting the wine and chocolate treat because it’s too early in the morning. 😉 … Excellent post – and you need to find some chocolate-infused port of an absolutely stunning treat.

  4. After reading this, I am convinced it is a good thing we live no where near each other….we would get nothing productive done. Today is the day to hit the big box stores and scoop up the left overs, not that I know. (Also, you can cut your guilt in half because dark chocolate does have afew benefits to it.)

  5. While my daughter & her husband were visiting this weekend we played a game & on my last turn (in order to win the game) we had to name things that smell good. Since I could win the game, I had to give 2 answers to everyone else’s one. My answers all came out like your post today, kind of breathy & dreamy as I remembered how wonderful everything I named smelled. Great post!

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