There, Their, They’re Not The Same

No, they’re not, but they are often confused.  I wonder if the confusion is the result of apathetic laziness or ignorance.  Or perhaps, it is a case of fingers doing their own thing when the synapses from the brain fail to clearly transmit the mind’s intent.

Why just the other day my fingers betrayed my brain. I left a witty comment on MU’s Barbie blog. To be clear her blog is not always about Barbie, but this post was about seeing Barbie in a new photographic light and the photographs are definitely worth a trip over to her blog for a peek.  I just reread my previous sentence and I want to assure you that I’m not implying that the pictures are the only reason to visit her blog, her writing is worth a visit, too.  Now back to the original point of this paragraph. It was only when I read MJ’s reply that I realized my fingers typed ‘sense’ when my brain was thinking ‘since.’  No one called me on it, but they may have been too polite to do so.  I did my normal self-flagellation over this typo if two letters in the same word can be called a typo.

Part of my self-flagellation involved thinking that I should refrain from commenting early in the morning especially when I have logged less than five hours of sleep the night before. Of course, if I did that, I would only be able to comment one or two days a week.

Some of you may be thinking I only comment one or two days a week anyway, because I’m not a comment junkie. You’re right. I don’t always leave comments and when I do comment, I sometimes forget to check the little box to get the email notices of follow-up comments. Okay, sometimes I forget on purpose, but only about a third of the time but I’ll leave you to wonder why. There needs to be a little mystery in life.

Sometimes I read a post and want to comment but I have so much to say that a comment just won’t do so I have to comment in one of my posts. Today is one of those times. There is a post that was Freshly Pressed in which a young woman is undertaking a 30 day challenge to eat “clean.” This means she is going to give up grains, gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, and legumes and she urges her readers to join her in this challenge.

She makes several references to already being on a paleo diet. Paleo is shorthand for paleolithic as in what early hominids ate about 10,000 years ago. The thinking is those cave men lived disease free so it must be diet related and we should return to our hunter/gatherer roots.  Uh, no, diet had nothing to do with it. They lived disease free because they only lived to about age 30, they didn’t live long enough to get any diseases.

I have no desire to forage for berries, nuts and grubs and it’s been ages since I was invited on a bison hunt, so I’ll pass on the paleo diet thing. As for giving up grains, gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol and legumes, I might be able to give up a couple of those things. Legumes would be the easiest to do without. And despite my love affair with bread and pizza dough, especially after it is topped with assorted meats, veggies and cheese and baked in my oven, I could probably go without those for a month, too.

Dairy would be more problematic. Not only would I have to rethink breakfast, my doctor, if I had one would be quite dismayed. As a postmenopausal woman, I need lots of calcium which needs to be spread out over the day. My favorite sources are skim milk, greek yogurt and cheese. Especially if said cheese is parked on pizza dough.

Alcohol and sugar would be impossible to forego. Again, I must cite health reasons. My glass or two or red wine in the evening and my two or three little pieces of dark chocolate that I eat every day are for my heart or arteries or maybe just my mood.

This young woman also posted before pictures in which she is sporting zero body fat. She appears to be fit and mentions that the photos were snapped after a fitness class that she taught. She goes on to say that she has already noticed that her flat stomach is even flatter after a few days on the challenge. I can only assume she is aiming for a concave stomach.

Now, I’m all for being healthy and fit. I am currently on my own fitness quest, though I’ll spare you the before pictures. But I have lived long enough and far exceeded the maximum paleolithic lifespan to have learned a simple truth. Moderation is the key. A little butter or bacon or barbecue or tiramisu won’t kill you. And it definitely adds to the deliciousness of life.

43 thoughts on “There, Their, They’re Not The Same

  1. First of all – The photo of Barbie purging is absolutely priceless. It almost makes me want to follow her blog.

    Second of all – It amuses me to no end when people dispense health advice (or any advice not supported by education/training or hard-earned life experience) like M&M’s on their blog. (mmmmmmm, M&Ms)

    Third of all – Dark chocolate is an abomination and should be outlawed. Even in M&Ms.

    Fourth of all – The title of your ditty (ie: post) is misleading since your typo had nothing to do with said there/their/they’re. Maybe something like “Sometimes We Make No Since” would’ve more accurately described your misadventures in Commentland. Don’t be a misleader!

    Fifth of all – I’m was tempted not to comment and play your little “mystery” game.

    Sixth of all – But then I’d be a copy cat.

    Seventh of all – I don’t like being a copy cat.

    • Eighth of all – Dark chocolate might be an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, you can never go back to milk chocolate as it is just too sweet. I know it’s hard to believe that chocolate can be too sweet, but milk chocolate is.

      Ninth of all – What a fabulous title “Sometimes We Make No Since” would have been. Perhaps you should be my official title thinker-upper.

      Tenth of all – all those hits on your blog are me going back to see if you answered my comment after I forgot to check that little follow-up button.

  2. I completely agree with you. I am trying to go for a few more weeks drinking water instead of other beverages, and it really feels like a silly idea every day. Plus, I cheat because I drink flavored water. If we weren’t supposed to have wonderful things like sugar, our bodies wouldn’t crave it right? I keep making brownies and cupcakes, etc because I’m not drinking sugary drinks.
    Also, I love butter, BBQ, and bacon. I’ll even try a little chocolate syrup on top! Sorry about the rant…

  3. Wouldn’t being on a paleo diet also imply foods produced using a paleo method?
    That would be a hell of a challenge!

    Oh, and mmmm…bacon…

  4. Typos are one thing, but people who genuinely don’t know some of the basics are another. Like its and it’s. Like lose and loose.
    Diets. If all the foods I have heard should be avoided like poison were no longer to be consumed by me, my diet would consist of water. Specially purified, of course.

  5. Your last paragraph says it all. I just opened a bottle of red because I thought it good to raise a toast to your non-paleo life. You are so right. If we were meant to eat like our ancestors why did we invent the cake mix and chocolate chips. Yup, getting back to basics is rather boring. And lovely Barbie probably had a few enemas before the pic. You made perfect since to me in your post. I just blame autocorrect on my iPad.

  6. I either didnt catch the typo or have read so much of yours that my brain somehow processed what you meant to say vs. what you typed ! I personally believe the paleos didnt develop diseases as said, they didnt live long enough, but also because there were no doctors to tell them what they were dying of. At the age of 27……Oh, and if theres a church of Cheese….would there be off-shoots like christianity has lutheran or protestant ? Can I be in charge of the synod of Havarti ?

  7. Oh this one was fun, Sandy. I enjoyed every chocolate bacon encrusted bit. And the bit about Paleo was just perfect — oh the parasites they dealt with just make me sure that I could wiggle myself into a size 4 just knowing they were inside of me …

    OK, I’ll stop and have more chocolate and wine. After I check the notify me of follow-up comments box, that is.

  8. Milk chocolate IS too sweet! And dark chocolate has more good-for-you flavanoids. I go with 75%. I tried 95% once, but it had a dry, bitter aftertaste. The wrong homonym thing pops up most often because most people don’t have the patience to go back and proof-read. We’re giving up our humanity to auto-correct and spell-check, but they can’t tell than from then, or your from you’re.

  9. young lady, you had me at “There”, but definitely I was hooked at “Their, They’re…”
    so that being said, long live dark chocolate!!!

    I remember many moons ago, I was a kid, saw a bar of UNsweetened chocolate on the table and wanted some, so my mom (sadist and teacher of lessons that she was) said “go ahead!” I should have known – she never would normally have allowed me to have chocolate in the middle of the day!!!

    And yet, I still adore semi-sweet dark – it’s its own worst enema (oh – I mean enemy)!!!!

    hugs and giggles,


    • And you had me at ‘young lady.’ I’ve overdosed on chocolate on occasion but it has never been enough to make me kick the habit for good. Thanks for the hugs and giggles – I can never get enough of those either.

  10. I can totally relate to your love of dairy. For about 12 years I developed a milk intolerance & could eat not milk or cheese. I felt so deprived. When I finally discovered I had grown out of it I ate cereal sometimes 3 times a day since I missed it so much. For a little while anyway.
    My family & friends call me the grammar Nazi because I tend to over correct them when it comes to their homonyms & synonyms.
    I had to give up clicking on the “Notify me of follow-up comments” because, I seem to have developed a taste for so many blogs I would spend my whole life reading the follow-up comments since I also love to comment when I read a good blog & so many of the ones I follow are good like yours.

    • Just have to comment here, I forgot to proof read before posting, so it should be “could not eat milk” & there should not be a comma between because & I. Sorry about that!

    • Thanks, Benzeknees! I know when I first started using WP, if I was offline for a few days and then checked my mail I would have 100 or more emails, most of them comments on other blogs. It can feel overwhelming, but sometimes the comments are as entertaining as the blogs.

  11. This post was great fun! (I had to avoid the temptation to write “grate” fun).
    I’m not sure what I enjoyed more the post or the comments.
    And 13th of all, you and John should do standup.

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