Trifecta Challenge – Lost

Walking along the beach, their footprints fading in the incoming waves, he wanted to win her over.

“Don’t you believe in God?”

“I believe in people.”

“But people can disappoint.”

“So can God.”


My 33 words for this weekend’s Trifecta challenge to write a story entitled ‘Lost’ in exactly 33 words. The word ‘lost’ can only appear in the title, not the 33 words. Any reference to the TV show could result in another visit to see the editors in the Trifecta offices.

65 thoughts on “Trifecta Challenge – Lost

  1. You’re ending nailed itself right into my brain.
    Seriously, makes the 33 words I’m working on look like one long string of blah blah blah…
    Really really good Sandy! (I’m going to stop before this sounds sycophantic, but you knocked this one out of the park.)

    • Thanks, Guapo! I had that snippet of dialogue floating through my brain for a few weeks and didn’t know how to use it, but it seemed to fit the ‘lost’ challenge. I’m looking forward to reading your 33 words. You always have a terrific response to these challenges.

    • Thanks, Ginger. I’ve been having quite a few philosophical thoughts and debates lately, but haven’t had the desire to commit them to a page or screen.

  2. Good job.
    33 words exactly is hard. You were accurate in describing an ethically difficult theory and in so few words. I salute you

    • Thanks, Clar. Trifecta’s weekly 33 word challenges are fun. I find it easier to do the 33 word challenges than the longer challenges. Thanks, too, for stopping by.

  3. Brutally honest and well delivered. I liked it. I like how your first paragraph set up the dialogue.

  4. I’m with her. Plus, He’s kind of a moron to think that the sentence, “Don’t you believe in God?” is going to actually win her over. Concise, with a serious punch. Well done.

  5. This is super. I love the dialogue here and I love her immediate response to his point about people disappointing. I know we set the limit at 33 words, but I’d love to know how this conversation unfolded! Nice job. Thanks for linking up and hopefully see you for the weekday challenge starting on Monday.

    • Cool! The challenges are fun but it’s just as enjoyable to read everyone’s entries and see the different takes on the challenge. I look forward to reading your entry in an upcoming challenge.

        • The weekend challenge ended at 8 or 9 pm, so they might have taken the link button off. But while the challenge is on, at the end of the post on the challenge there is a little button that I think says ‘submit link.’ You’ll click on that then you can insert the URL for your post. They will have a challenge up tomorrow morning sometime after 9 a.m. The week-long challenge will be to use a specific word in your poem or story with a word count of at least 33 words but no more than 333 words. The weekend challenges vary but they are always just 33 words.

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