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Edward Hotspur proclaimed that today is design your album cover day. There are steps involving clicking on a random Wikipedia page (mine was Portofino) to get the name of your band, then taking words from a random quote and putting them on a random picture to come up with an album cover. The specifics of the steps if you are into following directions are here.

Since it’s an overcast, breezy post time warp day, I clicked and counted and played with fonts and came up with my album cover. Now I just need to find a couple more musicians and we can add music.

I’ve also decided that album cover design should be my new career! Where do I sign up?

Image from AzureParagon at DeviantArt


20 thoughts on “Random Cover Design

    • Thanks! It was fun. I forgot how much I had enjoyed a layout/graphic design class I took in college – way back when – until I started playing with the fonts and where the words should be placed on the image.

    • I’m thinking a little new age smooth jazz fusion or some combination thereof, perhaps something along the lines of Keiko Matsui or Acoustic Alchemy. However, I mostly play classical piano so if I’m going to be in the band, I might have to play the triangle.

      • Love the pic, saying, and glad to hear that it’s a new age/jazz fusion. Ah yes – Portofino reminds me of the beauties of the small Italian town that our cruise ships visited. Ahhhh ….

  1. Billy Joel writes classical, but had to play Rock piano because of small hands. See how well it worked for him. I’m sure you’re flexible enough to jam with the cats. (Or is that thirty years outdated?)

  2. This came out beautifullyl! Of course purple is my favorite color, but I love your choice of font & the brooding quality of the pic. Great job!

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