Good News, Bad News

By happenstance I discovered a writing challenge on the Trifecta blog. Of course, By happenstance, I mean Edward Hotspur. John at Trask Avenue also met the challenge. This is the challenge as described by Trifecta. My poetic response is written beneath it.

I am happy for you, yet sad for me.
Your good news is my bad news.
But I can’t let you see that.
Instead, I sit here holding a skull in my hands.


21 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News

  1. I like the response, and the link. This I MUST try, even though I have been indulging myself on the more generous 55s lately. This one doesn’t have to tell a story, though.

    • Thanks, Colonialist. It was my first writing challenge. I scribbled out a few lines then had to whittle the words down from 47 to 33. It was an interesting exercise.

  2. I tend towards (very) long-winded, so exercises that force me to whittle down are great. It’s amazing when you can say in 100 words what you originally took 300 to say.

  3. Formerly, four out of five dentists surveyed agreed that improperly aligned mandibles could lead to long term dental problems. But finally, we have proof positive that a non-working bite can lead to death!

  4. You deserve it, but I didn’t just nominate you for a Versatile Blogger award. You’ll probably thank me for that. Now, a Versatile Baker award?….can you email some muffins over?

  5. Thanks for linking up with Trifextra this weekend. I’m glad you stumbled upon the site and decided to try your hand at it. Your response is really interesting. I love the way the simplicity of the words you’ve chosen belie the complexity of the unstated argument here. And I absolutely love that the alternative to showing one’s true feelings here is to “sit here holding a skull in my hands.” Fantastic. Hope to see you back again on Monday for the weekday challenge.

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