Green Walls, Green Food And A Football Game

The weird thing about getting older is it becomes increasingly more difficult to decipher time. It’s not just that days occasionally run together, but decades run together, too. Things I think happened in the 80’s actually occurred in the 90’s or things I think happened in the 90’s took place in the 80’s. The 70’s are easier to recall accurately which is weird since from 1973 until the end of the decade, I was high a good part of the time. And not just high on life, though there was plenty of that.

I lived in a high rise dorm, if you can call twelve stories a high rise, and I believe I just did. I always requested even floors, though one year I was on an odd floor. The people on that floor were quite unusual in that they seemed to enjoy living in rooms painted the most hideous shade of green. The even floors were painted a less hideous shade of yellow.  I think that living in that green room scarred me for life as I rarely take green seriously as a paint color.

I’m not overly fond of green food either, especially if it’s painted green, though I did eat two cupcakes last night that had green frosting on them, and thankfully the green frosting didn’t taste like typical green foods, namely spinach or peas. The frosting was vanilla frosting that was dyed green. My friend said they were an early homage to St. Patrick’s Day since it’s the next holiday on the horizon. We don’t acknowledge Valentine’s Day as a true holiday. I told her she should have added little white lines across the tops of the cupcakes and lined them up and put little goalposts at each end and a tiny little football on one of them since we were eating them while watching the Super Bowl.

I must confess that I only watched the last three minutes of the game, because the end is the only part that matters. I didn’t particularly care which team won as I don’t live in New England or New Jersey. Yes, I know they are called the New York Giants, but they play in New Jersey and New York has the Jets so New Jersey should claim the Giants as their own.

I did contribute green food to our little Super Bowl feast. I made jalapeño poppers, but a lower calorie version since a couple of people in attendance are on a low carb diet, so these worked just fine. They were quite tasty and very easy to do. I’ll be making them again.  I also made blackened salmon tacos, but not for the Super Bowl feast. The tacos were for my lunch. I was going to make a statement about how I was endeavoring to eat more healthily, but the admission of indulging in two cupcakes with green frosting means my healthy eating habit is not so much a habit as it is an abstract concept. Even my normal mantra of an occasional indulgence is fine, but moderation is the key would have worked if I had only had one cupcake with green frosting. Moderation is difficult when faced with sweet temptations.

At least, I didn’t take any cupcakes home with me. My friend was trying to pawn off the leftover cupcakes as we all headed out the door, “Does anyone want to take a couple of cupcakes home?”

“No thanks, I’m going home with my cupcake,” Kevin said as he nodded towards his wife.

Now, that was sweet! Like a cupcake with green frosting.


23 thoughts on “Green Walls, Green Food And A Football Game

  1. The Jets play in he same stadium as the Giants.
    And don’t knock abstract concepts. That’s how space flight and lasers started…

        • Yes, there are much better ways of spending that time, like sitting out under the stars chatting with friends on a lovely night, which is what I did for most of the game last night.

  2. Since I don’t know, what’s the scoop on the even/odd floors in hi-rise dorms?

    Part of Super Bowl parties is the social, so not watching until the end always happens to many. Even I, a football fan, can space in and out of the game depending on who I’m talking to. Since I watched much of the game last night, does that mean I was in a boring group? 😉

    • I might have watched more of the game if I had been in the same room as the TV, but I spent most of the time sitting out by the pool, chatting with friends and gazing at the stars.

  3. Now we know who Kermit was singing to when he sang “It Isn’t Easy Being Green.”

    And the Jets play in Jersey too. Damn NY poachers.

  4. Still eating the green cupcakes you left! But I did work out before breakfast, worked well.

    • Ha! I worked out before breakfast, too. I had to since I ate two cupcakes last night. I’ll eat two more if you bring them to your mom’s birthday party tomorrow. See you there!

    • Oh, Bongo, you need to get your person to take you to one of those specialty doggie treat bakeries. I’ve seen dog cookies and cupcakes in those little shops, though I don’t recall seeing any that had green frosting.

  5. Once had blue scrambled eggs…just not appropriate to have blue eggs! But cupcakes with green icing…think I could do that! ( the green dorms and yellow floors does sound scarring) Nice post ( salmon tacos sound good……future post?)

  6. “I must confess that I only watched the last three minutes of the game, because the end is the only part that matters.” You should win the Nobel Peace Prize for that observation.

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