Whether To Be Sally Field Or George C. Scott Or Maybe Marlon Brando

It happened again. I received nominations or awards – I can’t tell the difference although if they are just nominations, no voting ever seems to take place and there’s no big ceremony to attend which is a good thing since I don’t own a proper long evening gown and the House of Dior isn’t going to loan me one and if they did loan me one, I wouldn’t look nearly as good as Charlize Theron did because she’s quite a bit taller than I am and height makes a difference in these things.

It happened at the beginning of the month and I should have mentioned it sooner because Elyse at FiftyfourandaHalf awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award and it took me all this time to get over being bothered by the incorrect spelling though I suppose that was just how whoever came up with this badge of honor decided to express his or her Kreativity or perhaps he or she is just a poor speller. There seem to be quite a few of them about these days. No, I was going to riff on how Elyse named her blog FiftyhourandaHalf because that is her age and what will happen when she turns fifty-five? Will she change the name? Will she stop blogging? I didn’t want it her to stop blogging because I really enjoy reading her shtuff. Did you see what I did there? I started to use a four letter word but then I remembered that H.E. called me classy and I didn’t want to disappoint her so I changed the four letter word to a five letter word but kept the “h” so you could follow my train of thought thus resulting in a six letter word and it had the added benefit of being a clever way to show just how Kreativ I can be.  And then Elyse went and had a birthday before I could riff on that. Turns out she is still blogging and keeping the same name thus she will be FiftyfourandaHalf forever. What a great concept, though if you really can stay any age just by naming your blog the age you’d like to remain, I think I’d go with a different age – say ThirtysixandaHalf, but to each her own.

Now some in blog land think these awards are silly. I’m conflicted about them. The first time I was the recipient I felt just like Sally Field accepting the Oscar, “You like me! You really like me!” Now I’m feeling more like George C. Scott in that it’s not a competition, it’s about the art or the writing or the art of writing although with him it was about the acting, but since I’m acting like a writer it seemed appropriate.  I’m not ungrateful as it is always nice to be noticed especially by other writers you enjoy and admire, so thanks Elyse! However, as is often the case, the award does not come with prize money or chocolate tootsie pops which is unfortunate because I only have one of those left and despite numerous mentions of chocolate tootsie pops, the Tootsie Pop company has neglected to send any my way. No, I need to add the logo to my blog, tell you ten things you don’t know about me and then name six bloggers who ooze Kreativity.

So without further adieu, here are the ten things you don’t and probably don’t want to know about me.

I brake for squirrels and possums, raccoons, tortoises, bobcats, foxes, deer, buzzards, alligators and snakes, at least those are the critters in recent memory that have crossed the road in front of me.

I run over the giant grasshoppers that cross the road in the summer. I can’t stand those things.

I wrote a play in high school that was performed by the drama club.

I was in the US Navy for 10 days.

I’m a somnambulist which is why I was only in the US Navy for 10 days.

I don’t somnambulate very often because I’m also an insomniac.

I believe in the Three Up Philosophy.

I am constantly amazed by how beautiful the sky is and how subtly it changes moment to moment.

Being unemployed, I have spent an inordinate amount of time contemplating the ever changing sky.

I’m an adventurous picky eater or a picky adventurous eater. I’ve tried buffalo, kangaroo, emu, barramundi, gator, venison, swamp cabbage, caviar, conch, escargot, calamari, oysters and sea purslane and can tell you that not everything tastes like chicken.

Now on to the naming of six other blogs for this award. I’m going to link to one of their posts and if they decide to investigate the ping back and are feeling more like Sally Field than George C. Scott, then they can run with it.  If they’re feeling more like George C. Scott, then that’s okay, too. Of course, they might be feeling like Marlon Brando and want a native American to speak out on the Plight of the Zucchini, but that’s just a chance we’ll have to take.

First up, Fredrique or Fred at Lifeinthefarcelane. Fred and I have much in common. She’s female, I’m female. She’s in her early 40s, I used to be in my early 40s. She has a good job, I used to have a good job. She enjoys the occasional drunken adventure, I enjoy the occasional drunken adventure, though my drunken adventures tend to end with me having sex with the hot guy in a hotel swimming pool at 3 am (sorry to ruin your classy idea of me H.E.) and her drunken adventures end with the hot guy sleeping on her couch while she is tucked away in her bed. I think she missed the memo on the definition of drunken adventure. Anyway, her blog is always an enjoyable read.

HR Nightmare’s Words You Can’t Unsay is a relative newcomer in blog land. He has a penchant for center justification that is normally the purview of teenage Sylvia Plath wannabes but he’s old enough to be the father of a teenage Sylvia Plath wannabe. It could be that his use of center justification is a political statement or possibly he thinks it takes the edge off of his sarcasm or perhaps that is just his way of being Kreativ. But if you enjoy sarcasm as much as I do, check out his blog.

If you enjoy good fiction, then check out W.R. Woolf at A Bolg? When I stopped by and started reading I thought, “Damn, this guy can write!” Then I looked around and discovered that the guy’s name was Winona and then I thought, “That’s an odd name for a guy.” Turns out the guy is a girl and damn, can she write. She’s my latest addiction and addiction never felt so good.

Eggton is another good blog. She combines an amusing anecdotal style with a recipe. I made a couple of her recipes. The Tomato Beans were scrumptious and the Apple Butter Cake was very tasty though I had difficulties extracting the cake from the pan but I’m extracting cake from pan impaired. Her recipe for fortune cookies might be beyond my abilities but I’m tempted to try it just so I can come up with fortunes for my friends like “You will meet a short, fat bongo player” and “A journey of a 1000 steps should begin early in the morning.” Okay, perhaps fortune cookie fortune writing is not as easy as one might think it is, at least it would be an outlet for my Kreativ side.

You never know what you’ll get at Gingerfightback. He does like to add red hair to everything, I especially like when he adds it to monkeys. For some reason there are chickens in quite a few pictures, but not chickens with feathers and heads, but roast chickens and they appear to be dancing. It’s all a bit odd or maybe unusual. Is there a difference? Of course, redheads, or gingers as they are called in some parts of the world, are quite unusual as only 2 percent of the world’s population are natural redheads. I’m not sure why I know that odd fact, but it finally came in handy.

Lastly, but not leastly, I’m recommending a blog I just discovered or rather he discovered mine and left a comment so I do what I always do when someone new comments or likes one of my posts, I stop by their blog and check them out and all of this happened today!  I spent much of my morning reading a silly cat diary on Posky’s blog and I still chuckle when I think about the Occupancy Sign 123 1/2 in the background of one of his drawings. It’s those little details I love.

So much for the Kreativ Blogger Award, but the good award news doesn’t stop there, as Fred at Lifeinthefarcelance nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks, Fred! This sentence should be read in the voice of that voiceover guy at the award shows that says things like “This is the third Versatile Blogger Award for sandylikeabeach.”  I’ll refer you to my first acceptance speech for the Versatile Blogger Award because the linking really is the hardest part.

Lastly – yes, I know I said lastly a couple of paragraphs ago, but this really is the last paragraph. Elyse also gave me the Candle Lighter Award. This is the best award because you don’t have to do anything. I can give it to as many or as few people as I want and I’m thinking of giving it to everyone so we can all experience life as it is today for six year old T-ball players where everyone gets an award. But then I realized that is way more linking than I want to do, so I’ll pass this award on to MJ at Memoirs of an Evil Stepmom, because she always seems to come up with a post that reflects or reinforces what has been running through my mind and says it better than I could.

19 thoughts on “Whether To Be Sally Field Or George C. Scott Or Maybe Marlon Brando

  1. Well done, Sandy. I, too have a love-hate relationship with these awards. And I got three of the same ones again! I think you handled it beautifully! Sorry I got to my b-day before you did. Then again, I got to several of them before you did. And I I had been smart I would have stopped WAY before FiftyFourAndAHalf! (Oh to get the images on your website, you can right click and then “copy the image location” into an image widget. Then folks can ignore the fact that you too already have them and give them to you again!

  2. You’re like the Jack Nicholson of the blog world. though you don’t go out with girls 1/3 your age. As far as I know. (Please post pictures if you do). (and I’m not sure how old boy-toy is, so maybe you’re really like a reverse Jack Nicholson)
    Congratulations, keep posting, and now I’m off to check out the few on your list I don’t already know…

  3. Congratulations on all the awards!
    When I read your description of my blog, I almost made a happy-dance, but I was holding a bowl of porridge at the time and thought it better if it did not end up all over the carpet 😉

    • You’re welcome. If you check Elyse’s post, she has a logo you can copy. I was having trouble getting it to appear correctly on my post so I left it off.

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