Sweet Taste Of Victory

Just a week ago, most people had no clue what the proposed SOPA/PIPA bills in congress were about. Just a week ago, only five senators opposed the bill.  Just a week ago, passage of those bills seemed to be a foregone conclusion.

Then on Wednesday, January 18th, thanks to the efforts of numerous websites and bloggers who participated in the Stop SOPA protest by blacking out their sites, millions of Americans decided to take action. They called and emailed their congressmen to make sure their voices were heard.

This morning, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to delay the vote on the PIPA legislation because millions of Americans had convinced enough senators to oppose the bill that it was guaranteed to be defeated.

Also this morning, House Judiciary Committee chairman, Lamar Smith, announced that he is delaying indefinitely any consideration of the SOPA legislation.

We won! When we make our voices heard, we can change things. We must remain vigilant as there will be more attempts to censor the internet in the future. But we now know we can be heard. We can make a difference.

Keep the faith, my friends. And take a moment to enjoy this moment.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Taste Of Victory

  1. Go Us! Sadly, this was just a battle – the war isn’t over. Everything is just delayed so they can tinker with it.
    Hopefully, a bill can be crafted that upholds the standards of free speech and due process on its way to protecting copyrights…
    Doubtful, but hopefully anyway…

    • You are right that this was just a battle in the war hence the need for vigilance to prevent future censorship. Yet I am heartened that so many people helped to spread the word and even more took action and called or emailed to let their views be known.

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