Nights of Lights And Hello Kitty Panaffles

If you’ve ever wondered what wild, wacky, wonderful women of a certain age have for breakfast, then wonder no more. Yes, we occasionally indulge in Hello Kitty waffles or maybe they were pancakes. They look like waffles on one side and pancakes on the other,  panaffles perhaps.  But I’m starting at the middle when I should start at the beginning.

After reading my post about my neighborhood’s Christmas lights, my friend, Pegi, invited me over to St. Augustine to see her town’s Nights of Lights display. The oldest city in the country decks itself out in over two million white lights. The 144 square block historic district along the waterfront  was named by National Geographic magazine as one of the 10 best places in the world to view holiday lights.

Even though they didn’t have a lighted display of a dog humping a Christmas tree, I must say, St. Augustine’s light display was far more impressive than my little village’s light up the night display.

Photograph by sssphotographic for Google Earth

The morning after our light gazing, Pegi asked me if I would like Hello Kitty Waffles for breakfast and I said, “Hell-o yes!” So she pulled out her Hello Kitty waffle maker,

I gotta get me one of these!

whipped up some batter and soon we were dining on Hello Kitty panaffles. We topped ours with diced strawberries and warm maple syrup.

The Nights of Lights display will run through the end of January so if you are visiting the area, plan on spending an evening wandering the streets of St. Augustine to take in the lights and dine in one of the many wonderful restaurants in the area, though you might have a tough time finding one that serves Hello Kitty panaffles.


12 thoughts on “Nights of Lights And Hello Kitty Panaffles

    • Only if it’s wrong to take great delight in carving Hello Kitty up in little pieces, drowning the pieces in syrup and eating them. Okay, that does sound wrong, but they were so delicioso!

  1. I was in St. Augustine for the first time last January. I guess I missed two things as we were only there during the day. Lights and Hello Kitty panaffles. Looks like I’m going to have to go back there.

    • You definitely need to go back to see the lights. The Hello Kitty panaffles might be harder to find unless you meet Pegi walking her two Vizslas in town. Sam and Vivi would love to meet you, Bongo.

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