I’m Joining The Stop SOPA Blackout

I was born too late to participate in the protests of the 60’s but there is no doubt in my mind, that if I had been born 10 or 15 years earlier, I would have been out there marching for peace and equality. Now I have a chance to participate in a protest I believe in and I would urge you to read up on the pending legislation and if you feel as strongly as I do, then take action by contacting your congressmen and blacking out your site on January 18th.

SOPA is the online piracy act that could change how we interact on social media. Two other blogs I read this morning do a much better job of explaining this than I would and I urge you to check out  The Dissemination of Thought. If you want to add a little protest banner or participate in the blackout then check out  the Magnificent Nose‘s post. He has step by step instructions to do this. Even I was able to add the little banner. It’s up there in the right hand corner. I just wish (as I do about other things in life) that it was bigger.

I don’t normally travel with my laptop, but I’m off in a couple of hours to visit a friend in St Augustine and I feel strongly enough about this that I’m taking my laptop with me. If I can log on later tonight I will go dark for the 18th and be back on Thursday. I’m not the most technologically adept person, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Of course, the amount of wine I drink later tonight might make it even more challenging.

So keep the faith, blog friends. I’ll be back Thursday.


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