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I had a moment of inspiration while reading HE’s blog this morning. Yes, I was inspired to steal her idea.  She celebrated a birthday sometime over the weekend. I’m unsure of the exact date because I got zero sleep Saturday night so the whole weekend is one big happy blur. But I digress.

In her post she posted videos of the number one songs in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia on the day she was born.  How cool is that? So I decided to do the same thing. Now some of you may be thinking, “But, Sandy, your birthday isn’t for another six months.” And you’d be right about that. However, being slightly older than HE, my short term memory may not be as good as it used to be by the time my birthday rolls around and I won’t be able to remember that I had this great idea to steal HE’s great idea and you’d miss out on discovering which songs topped the charts on the day of my birth.

But before I share the number one songs for the day of my birth, I want to share something I learned during my visit to Australia in 1996. While I was in the land down under, I often heard people say that Australia was 20 years behind the U.S. and that New Zealand was 20 years behind Australia. The people saying this were Australians because interestingly, Australia is populated by Australians.

Now I didn’t make it to New Zealand so I have no idea if they were just discovering black and white TV and transistor radios, though I tend to think that was not the case. I  didn’t think that little saying was true of Sydney in 1996, although the little place we spent the night at in the Daintree Village was definitely a step back in time. However,  that 20 years behind thing was probably true about music in the year of my birth.

So if you will, take a seat in my DeLorean and I’ll set the flux capacitor to the summer of 1957. And as they say in Australia, “No worries, I’ll get you back to 2012 by the time you’ve finished reading this.” Actually, they only say ‘no worries’ in Australia (or they used to say that, I haven’t been there since 1996), I added the rest because I like to think of myself as a writer.

The Number One Song In The U.S.

The Number One Song In The U.K.

The Number One Song In Australia

What a time warp trip! Wasn’t that a neat idea that HE had? I’m sure she’s okay with my confiscation of her idea because she likes to tell me I’m her “sista.” That’s sister for those of you who do not reside in New England. Apparently, when she moved to New England she had to conform to a local spelling custom that requires people to drop the ‘r’ and change the ‘e’ to an ‘a’ whenever they encounter a word that ends in ‘er.’ But despite our different approaches to the spelling of words ending in ‘er,’ we are practically sisters or sistas since we are both vertically challenged and we’re both practically perfect in every way.

Now be sure you head over to HE’s blog to see what the number one songs were on the day she was born. Oh, and be sure to wish her a happy birthday. I hear she’s celebrating all week.


21 thoughts on “Topping The Charts

    • My birthday’s not until July, I’m sure I’ll mention it again between now and then, but I didn’t think I’d remember to do this. Were the youtube links working? From my view of the post they don’t appear to be working.

        • Thanks. I think I’m going to have to break down and get a new laptop as I keep having problems with embedding videos. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Or it’s payback for stealing HE’s idea!

          • No, no, WordPress switched things up on you. All you need to do is click where it says “upload/insert” and then click FROM URL at the top of the box. Next click the circle that says AUDIO, VISUAL OR OTHER FILE. Paste your link into the empty bar that says URL and then hit the button for INSERT INTO POST. You should be good to go.

  1. YES YOU ARE MY SISTA!! And I loved those songs. How can you go wrong with Elvis? The “Music” one is likely to get on my nerves if I hear it too much, kind of like that “Bana bana fo fana” song.

    One of my favorite songs that I think you and I should listen to when we take our trip to Key West someday is La Bomba by Ricky Martin. Not only do I love his music, but he is my male doppelganger. He’s only a few weeks older than I am, and I swear we were twins separated at birth we look so much alike. I’d offer to use my sisterly charms to fix you up but sadly….

    • Exactly! When we’re kids we like to round our number up, but tend to round down when we get older. It was fun finding out what was popular on the day I was born. I was happy to discover it was Elvis. HE had another terrific idea with that one.

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