Wacky Cake Baking And Other Thoughts

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, well anything on my little part of the internet. If we use a slightly more archaic definition of posted, I just posted a birthday card to a friend which means I scribbled a few lines on the card, stuck it in an envelope, wrote an address on it which I think is where she still resides, slapped a stamp on it, put it in the mail receptacle also known as my mailbox, and raised that cute little red flag that is attached to the mailbox and signals to the post person to stop even if there isn’t any mail to deliver to my little receptacle. And there it now sits awaiting the arrival of my post person, unless my post person has already come and gone and this was one of those days I didn’t receive any mail. If that is the case, my card will be late to its destination. Whew, that was quite an expository on mailing a birthday card.

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to since my last blog post five days ago. I’ve been wondering, too. I seem to recall reading a few blogs these last few days. There was the one about favorite childhood cartoons from the 1980s though my childhood cartoon favorites predate the 1980s. Bugs Bunny will always be the epitome of cartoon cool to me.

Then just today, I read a blog and found out that today is the 13th of January. I had no idea even though the date is prominently displayed on the bottom of my computer screen. I am now left to ponder not only what I have been doing the last few days but what have I been doing since the possum dropped to earth to ring in the new year. All I do know is I’m behind in accumulating the necessary supplies to survive the Mayan Apocalypse.  I know I have 11 more months to do this, but I waited until the last minute the last time dire consequences of an impending apocalypse were predicted. The year was 1999 and there I was on December 31st with nary an extra battery in sight and absolutely nothing happened, which left me feeling smug that I hadn’t wasted any money on extra batteries. Given my past history in dealing with impending doom, I have no doubt that this year’s reason to party like it’s the last day on earth will result in my first Mayan Apocalypse party, though I think I need to plan it for the day before just in case.

I also read another blog about destiny, free choice and higher powers that was nicely written and thought provoking. These are the thoughts it provoked in me. John (the writer of the nicely written blog) made some comment about the possible need for intervention when the world gets out of whack. Who is the arbiter of this out of whackness? Each of us perceives reality in a slightly different manner, so what may seem out of whack to one person seems quite normal to another. And why do we say ‘out of whack’ when we never say the world is ‘in whack’ when things are humming along nicely? Also, does being out of whack make things wacky and why is wacky missing an ‘h?’ Like I said, the whole post was quite thought provoking, though apparently short on essential answers to those provoked thoughts.

I also spent a little bit of time playing Ricochet Kills 2 but took a break when I got stuck on level 40.  I was just two levels short of the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything. The game has 50 levels so I’ll leave the more literary of my readers to figure out the meaning of my previous sentence, while the rest of you scratch whatever body part you like to scratch when you think deep thoughts.

Another thing that happened a couple of days ago is I passed the 5000 hit mark. I thought it was odd that I passed it during a phase of not writing anything. But there you have it, one day it was at 4995 and a couple of days later it was at 5017 and now it’s somewhere else.

This morning I decided to go on another baking adventure. I made a batch of my big blue blueberry muffins, so named because I use two cups of blueberries. I hadn’t made this recipe in quite some time, but they came out just fine. I made full sized and a few mini muffins for variety and because I only have one regular sized muffin pan but I had more batter than places in the pan so I pulled out my mini muffin pan and voila – two different sized muffins.  I also enjoyed sampling the batter left on the spoon and the bowl, but I started to wonder how many calories were in those licks of batter. But I stopped my wondering and decided to channel Han Solo. Remember how he told C-3PO he didn’t want to hear the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid belt? Well, that’s how I feel about the calories in the licks of big blue blueberry muffin batter – I just don’t want to know.

Then I decided to make Eggton’s Apple Butter Cake. This recipe called for a tube pan which I don’t own or a bundt pan which I do own but have never used. Now who decided it was a good idea to put a hole in the middle of a cake pan? It is not easy to hold a heavy bowl full of yummy apple butter batter (say that fast five times) and pour said yummy batter into a cake pan that has a hole in the middle. Now those of you who have been reading my humble little blog for a few months may recall my Adventures in Cake Baking and the disaster of trying to get the cake out of the pan. Let’s just say it happened again. I waited the necessary time, slid the knife around the edge of the pan and the edge of the hole which sounds just a little dirty. Sadly, some of the cake remained in the pan and resisted my attempts to get it to slide out of the pan.

I’m now left to ponder the best course of action. I’m leaning towards some sort of trifle with whipped cream (the kind you beat from a small carton of heavy cream and a wee bit of sugar). Caramel sauce would be good, too, if I had any which I don’t.

Partially eaten big blue blueberry muffin – but eventually completely eaten

Lastly, I decided to post pictures of my big blue blueberry muffins and the partially eaten one so you can see why they’re called big blue blueberry muffins. The partially eaten muffin was completely eaten following the photo shoot. I didn’t take a picture of my failed apple butter cake as I dislike having visual proof of my baking failures living in perpetuity on the internet, so instead I’ll post a picture of my favorite mug which was a gift from my dear friend DJ about 30 years ago. It says, “You’re twisted, perverted and sick. I like that in a person.” If you stuck around and read to this point, then that’s why I like you, too.


29 thoughts on “Wacky Cake Baking And Other Thoughts

  1. I love baking. Made my first loaf of read last week and it was actually pretty good.
    But this “post-card” of which you speak…Why couldn’t you send it from your computer? Does the post person put it in his computer to send so that you’re anonymous so the card will be a surprise?
    I don’t understand.
    Congrats on almost reaching the level of enlightenment. Bring some potato chips to help on your quest.
    And I love the coffee mug – saw a comment you left elsewhere – didn’t realize it existed!

    • Baking is always an adventure! I love the mug, too, it always got a laugh when I took it to work. Would love to put that picture from the mug on a t-shirt.

  2. Aaaahh nooooo! How bad is it? Does it taste good? Did you plan to take it anywhere, or is it ok because it’s just for eating at home? Mine popped out alright but I was using a brand new teflon bunt pan. I agree with you– CRAZY PEOPLE invented the bundt and tube pans (and all jello molds.) I hope it’s not a total debacle. 🙂

  3. must be the day….. i made what i thought was an easy lemon tart/ pudding thing …..not looking all that fantastic…..not sure what to do with it, hide it under some whipped cream ?

  4. I’m currently eating chocolate chips from the bag and like you and your batter…I just don’t want to know the calorie count. I should probably do with them what was originally intended..bake, but I don’t want to. Those muffins looked delish!!!!

  5. Wow. Those looked great, and blueberry isn’t my favorite. I’d eat that. And I looked in my pantry and we have muffin mix, so later I think I might drink and bake.

    If you got that cup 30 years ago, you weren’t even in preschool yet. Did you use it to hold crayons?

    • I’m about to head into the kitchen to start baking cornbread to accompany the chili I’m going to whip up and of course, there will be beer but I’ll probably just drink it from the bottle rather than pouring it into my twisted mug.

      Happy baking and drinking!

  6. I have to hide to enjoy batter as my husband is determined that I will die from salmonella. I keep telling him that that is how I want to go, with cake, cookie or muffin batter on my lips, but he still nags. So it’s a good thing that I am perpetually dieting and must simply enjoy the taste of your pictures.

    Love the cup. The coffee mug is an art form, I do believe.

        • Sorry about that. I should be whipped for that one.

          Oh, sorry again. I should have said ‘beaten’ – no, wait… I’m a little mixed up… did it again! Sorry, this sort of thing is usually a piece of cake for me. Muffinish this comment eventually, but scone-a cost you. Not really! Don’t want truffle your feathers.

          • You’re getting yourself all mixed up. But alas, I cannot compete with the puns. Now I bet I can make a better cake, but they don’t last so long.

      • Since I’m not a wife, I don’t have to hide my batter addiction. I can lick batter off of any kitchen implement or body part I so desire. The boy toy loves to visit when I’m baking.

  7. Answers come from within. Or somesuch nonsense.

    On another note, do you really want to survive the Mayan Apocalypse or any apocalypse for that matter?

    • Within what? Great, now I have more thought provoking questions. Thanks!

      On the post apocalyptic note – why not survive? How else will I know if all of the post apocalyptic doom and gloom scenarios put forth by Hollywood writers and other writers will come to pass. It is entirely possible that the survivors will create a better world.

  8. Congrats on your hit count milestone. That is awesome. Love the mug. Sadly, though I have rare talent in cooking, baking completely eludes me. Except for cornbread.

  9. Awww shucks! Glad you still like your mug! It’s all good! I guess you’d have to be a linguist to be able to put together how an expression begins. Somehow they hang on whether they’re non-sensical or incorrect. I kind of like ’em though. Makes our shared oral communication more colorful and certainly funnier!

    • Linguistics, semantics, serious, comical, meaningful or nonsensical – it’s all just words, though one thing is always certain, our conversations are never boring, but always entertaining. That is one of the dividends of a long friendship. See you soon, my friend.

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