A Rock Star’s Morning

I was reading this blog that made the Freshly Pressed page called How to Start Your Day Like a Rockstar and I just want to say, poppycock, or horse hooey, or balls! There I said balls. By balls I mean soccer or basketball or golf or big hairy ones or maybe even little dried up shriveled ones. That last one was not a very good mental picture, but I did like typing the word shriveled.

The blog lists 5 things that will make you start your day like a rock star: 1) Don’t rush; 2) Take time to do something you enjoy; 3) Set an intention for the day; 4) Meditate; and 5) Review your three most important tasks for the day.  Let’s forget for the moment or forever, that doing things 2 through 5 will mean you will be rushing to get to work or school or wherever you think you need to be. Do you really think this is what a rock star does in the morning?

I think rock stars are sleeping until noon or later. They’re rock stars. They were playing a gig last night and didn’t crawl into bed until 3 am or later.  When they do wake up, they aren’t rushing as I imagine they are having sex with a groupie or girlfriend or wife or some combination thereof. Of course, that would mean that numbers 1 & 2 are what a rock star does, just not in the morning.  It also means that numbers 3 & 4 are unnecessary because they just got laid. As for number 5, I don’t think it is something they spend much time contemplating. I think they eventually shower, eat, hang out, party  and show up for that night’s gig.

Of course, my vision of a rock star’s existence is based on repeated viewings of When You’re Strange, the documentary about the Doors. I watched it a few times for research purposes and because I think Jim Morrison was hot and I like their music.  It is quite possible that today’s rock stars are early risers who meditate and set daily goals but that’s not how I like to think of them.

However, most of us are not rock stars. While there may be merit in doing the five things enumerated above, I still contend that doing numbers 2 through 5 will result in rushing to get wherever you need to be and if you choose not to rush, you’re going to be late and that’s not a good way to start your day.

12 thoughts on “A Rock Star’s Morning

  1. I agree 100%. Who wants to listen to music created by someone who’s well adjusted? That’s just wrong. I thought you might like to know that Jim Morrison was born in the same town in Florida where I’m from. Yeah, you can say I’m a MAJOR fan. Great post!

  2. Thanks for reinforcing that image by using the word “shriveled” twice.
    And if you find a blog that tells you how to become a rockstar (without stupid suggestions like practice), I would love to see that!

    Great song. There was an album of Morrisons recorded but unreleased lyrics and poems set to doors music that I used to have. Really good stuff.

  3. When I first read that Rock Star blog, I did get her point…..but it occured to me later that I was already waking up like a rock star (hair sticking straight up, not getting out of bed until i hit the snooze so many times someone yells at me, standing in front of the coffee pot with my head underneath ….why use a mug…..). I think the more appropriate title would be “how to NOT wake up like a rock star !

    • Ha! You do wake up like a rock star! That probably explains why the only comparison to a rock star’s life that people want to experience is to party like a rock star. They tend not to think about the morning after.

  4. I can still remember the words to this song and I haven’t listened to it in years. Does that make me strange?

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