Just Like Times Square, But With A Possum

I have big plans for New Year’s Eve! A couple of nights ago, I was on Facebook making sure that no unflattering pictures of me had been posted by my newest friend. (I have an unflattering picture of her that I threatened to post if she posted any unflattering pictures of me.) While I was logged on, I saw another friend’s post.

She had posted a video about the possum drop at Clay’s Corner and then asked if anyone wanted to come up and join in the fun. Well, that’s just the sort of vague invitation I live for.  So an email and phone call later, and I’m on my way to North Carolina for the weekend!

What’s a possum drop, you ask? It’s just like the ball that drops in New York City but instead of a lighted ball making it’s descent at midnight, it’s a box with a possum inside of it.  The crowd is also significantly smaller than the Times Square crowd.

I have been warned that if PETA shows up to protest, they substitute a roadkill possum for the live possum. No possums are ever harmed in the dropping of the possum.  I’m hoping PETA is a no show as I’d like to experience the live possum drop.  Dropping a roadkill possum lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

And yes, I do know that technically they are opossums, not possums, but no one ever calls them opossums unless you see a dead one by the side of the road. Then you say, “Oh, possum, I’m so sorry you got run over by a car!”

20 thoughts on “Just Like Times Square, But With A Possum

  1. That is awesome! About the only thing New Hampshire has to compare that to would be a Moose drop which would be a logistic failure, I’m sure.

  2. Love that you’re picking up and going on a whim!
    I’m agitating for them to drop Bloomberg in NYC this year. If they do, I’ll actually go to Times Square to watch.

    Hope you have a fantastic New Year, Sandy, and every day after!

  3. Oh, Sandy, I do hope you don’t end up saying to the possum: “Oh, possum, I’m so sorry you got run over by a car!”

    I love those critters, but HATE the spelling — it got me thrown out of my 3rd grade spelling bee — who the hell came up with THAT spelling, anyway?

    Happy New Year —

    • I saw lots of roadkill on my road trip, not all of it was possum and I was not the road warrior that did the killing. So sorry about the spelling bee fiasco.

  4. This made me laugh. I feel the need to create my own unique NYE drop. I haven’t seen any possums lately. Maybe a squirrel will have to do.

  5. Here in my town in Connecticut, we celebrate New Year’s Day with the Possum Festival, which culminates in the crowning of the Possum Queen – the man who in costume makes the ugliest woman. Much drinking ensues.

  6. I wont tell PETA you participated in a Oooo possum drop if you dont tell them we used to tip cows (yes, that is also a real thing!) how high up do they drop it from? why in a box? How does it not get hurt, padding? This begs a follow up post please, curipous minds want to know!!!!

    • The possum was in a plexiglass box decorated with tinsel and glitter. It is suspended about 25 feet above ground. The box is lowered (rather than dropped) as the crowd counts down to midnight. So the little guy doesn’t get hurt.

  7. A possum drop. Wow, and I thought we Newfies had some strange events!
    I always wondered about the possum, as they are not native to our province. I have witnessed many a good meal of possum, cooked mostly by Grannie from The Beverley Hillbillies, but I have never been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to try one.

    What happens once the possum is dropped? Do people take him home and prepare New Years dinners of stuffed possum with grits and hog jowls? Just wondering

    • The possum did not become someone’s dinner. He was released into the wild.

      I’ve never eaten possum though Eric Rudolph (the Olympic Park Bomber) ate quite a few possums while he hid from the FBI for five years before being captured about 10 miles from where the possum drop was held. I’m guessing it tastes like chicken.

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