Bright Lights, Little Village

Before we say goodbye to Christmas, thought I’d share pictures of the winning light displays in my little community. Every year my community has a light up the village contest. Luminaries are set out along the road, and after everyone has wandered through the village, there is cake and coffee waiting at the clubhouse.

And the winning displays ……..

And yes, that last photo does show a dog humping the Christmas tree, or maybe he’s just decorating the tree, but it does look like he’s doing what dogs like to do….


16 thoughts on “Bright Lights, Little Village

  1. Even though New England is the Mecca of Christmas, I find there is something singularly special about spending the Holidays in Florida. If you ever get the chance, travel down to Key West. They know how to do Christmas up right.

  2. Very cool that it is a neighborhood event. Closest we have in NYC is the one-upmanship of Howard Beach.
    I guess it really does take a village.

    • A village mostly inhabited by retired senior citizens who remember growing up in front porch communities and relish social interaction that does not involve typing. It is a lovely neighborhood even without Mr. Rogers. I’m fortunate to call it home.

    • I like the dolphins pulling the boat, too. This is Florida, so there’s always a bit of local color in light displays. One neighbor has a lighted alligator in his yard.

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