Happy Punch Day!

Happy Boxing Day! Today is the day you can randomly punch people you pass on the street and not get arrested for assault. Wait, I’m being told by the person standing behind me reading over my shoulder that is not what Boxing Day is.

My next guess is that Boxing Day is the day you take the boxes of stuff you got for Christmas but find revolting back to the store to exchange for boxes of stuff you might actually use. This doesn’t sound like a fun day to me – long lines, rude people you’d like to punch. Again, I’m being told that is not what Boxing Day is.

Apparently, Boxing Day is some random holiday celebrated by people living in certain places around the world for some unknown reason resulting in a day off of work. If you want to know more about it, then look it up. I would look it up for you, but I don’t really care because if I did care I already would have looked it up. I only know it’s Boxing Day because my calendar must have been produced in a country that celebrates this random holiday because it is imprinted on the calendar.

More likely, Boxing Day really was a day you could punch people, but then the PC police got involved and took all of the fun out of the day. So now it’s just another government holiday in certain parts of the world. Let’s bring back the true or literal meaning of Boxing Day!   So have a Happy Boxing Day and punch someone for me! Again, I’m being told you shouldn’t go around punching random people.

I’m not sure how much fun I’ll have if I can’t punch someone. I’m feeling a bit punchy today. I was so looking forward to punching people today with no consequences. Why did the calendar tease me with Boxing Day? I suppose I could have punch instead. Yes, spiked punch!! That will liven up my day.

So Happy Punch Day! If you do have to venture out pay attention to where you park or you could end up with a ticket or water damage.


17 thoughts on “Happy Punch Day!

  1. Boxing Day. I think it commemorates the “throwing out of the boxes” ritual which follows the day after exchanging Christmas presents.

  2. Doesn’t the punching people come when the bills arrive? Perhaps that’s yet another holiday. Ho ho ho!

    Love, love, love the sign. I saw one at the top of a mountain in Switzerland that pictured a stiletto heel with the universal red circle and slash through it — It read: “NO HIKING IN HEELS.” I personally felt that folks dumb enough to go to the top of a mountain (on a gondola, but still) while wearing 6 inch spikes on their shoes should be pushed over the edge of the mountain. Because the world would be a much better place!

  3. OK…let me help you out. Boxing Day, in olden times, was when the Land Barons boxed up thier leftover food and had the boxes delivered to the people that worked their land. Nowadays it is an extra day off. 🙂

  4. I saw a comment on a blog that said Boxing Day is now like our Black Friday in the States. As of this year at least I think that means that you can punch random people out – as long as you’re in a store when you do it.

  5. I’d like to say the sign applies to me, but I don’t think it does. Because I’ve never parked in the water. In Florida. That there is any evidence of.

    thanks for explaining that very confusing holiday for me. Lucky Europeans/Canadians get all the fun days off.

  6. It’s true. You shouldn’t punch strangers, but friends are fair game. What do you say? Wanna go a couple of rounds with me? I know I would enjoy it? Come on down, I dare you….

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