Tis The Season To Give A Goat

Since the end of the year is almost nigh, I decided to total up my earnings for the year as an itinerant petsitter. Are you sitting down? I made $1450 this year! That is exactly $105 more than I made in my first summer job way back in 1974. I looked it up. You really can look anything up on the internet.

The good thing about making so little money is filing a tax return will be a breeze. I won’t even need a calculator. The bad thing is that it really isn’t much money. My father always used to say there are worse things than paying taxes. Oh, that is so true. I just never thought I would have first hand knowledge of that truth.

Back in my former life as an employed person, I was quite generous with my charitable giving often getting into 5 digit territory by the end of the year. Now that I live on savings, I give considerably less money, but I still give.  I give because even though I am jobless, I am not homeless, wineless or foodless. There are so many others in this world that have so little and I don’t mind sharing.

I spread my giving out over the year and have also upped my volunteering since I don’t have a job that interferes with that. I have a soft spot for the hungry, the homeless, orphans and animals with efforts targeted at hungry homeless orphans and hungry homeless orphaned animals being near impossible to resist.

Earlier this month, I read a wonderful post over at The Bloggess. She mentioned an organization called The Heifer Project. This organization’s mission is to help communities end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way. They provide livestock and training to families around the world. A donation to them will buy a flock of chicks or a water buffalo or even a goat, or a part of a water buffalo or goat.

Since I recently experienced the joys of goat herding,  I thought giving the gift of a goat would be an excellent way to wrap up my year, charitably speaking.   If you need a last minute gift idea, consider the gift of a goat or part of a water buffalo. It’s a great idea for that person on your list who is difficult to buy for or just difficult. Knowing you gave a goat in their name will make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Even if they don’t feel that way, they’re not going to say anything. It would be unChristmaslike.

I know I feel all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about that goat in my shopping cart and knowing that one goat will make a huge difference in a child’s life.



15 thoughts on “Tis The Season To Give A Goat

  1. You are an inspiration, Sandy. I saw that post and donated to the site that appealed to me most – project night night (http://www.projectnightnight.org/) that gives security blankets, stuffed animals and books to homeless children. It will probably be a regular gift for me…

    And when I saw your title, this immediately popped into my head – Miss Piggy singing Quanta La Gusta.
    The goat reference is at about 1:22.

  2. Good for you, Sandy, recommending Heiffer. It’s a wonderful organization, and deserves support.

    I’m lucky enough to have worked in organizations with lots of people from all over the world for the last 15 years. When I first heard of Heiffer, I asked some friends from 3rd world countries — “IS THIS FOR REAL?” I was told that yes, it is not only for real, but very very valuable. Goats in particular. They give milk, cheese (well, with help), breed easily and quickly. The gift of a goat can make an enormous difference, particularly in the life of a family in Africa. My husband gets me goats for Christmas every year, and for my birthday. (Sometimes he GETS MY GOAT, but that is different!)

    Even in your own difficult times, you have a wonderful heart. Makes me feel all Christmassy.

    Merry Christmas to you, and may 2012 be the first of many years of full, fulfilling work for you!

    • Thanks, Elyse. I was quite impressed when I checked out the Heifer Project. I hope 2012 brings you and your family continued success, good health and happiness. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Giving a goat is a great idea. A couple years ago my children’s Sunday school class raised enough money to give a goat. In addition to the milk and cheese they provide, they can also help fertilize the soil so the family gets more from their garden.

    • What a wonderful story! Yes, it is a gift that keeps on giving. We take so much for granted, but when I did a little research it gave me pause to realize what a difference a single goat can make to a family. It can help to lift them out of poverty. God bless you and your person, Bongo. Merry Christmas!

  4. Ok, I should read more…. but I’m thrilled to see more blogs out there about this organization! Here’s hoping your tax return is more difficult next year, and your holiday is wonderful.

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