That’s a Lot of Tangerines to Pick

Despite only getting 2 1/2 hours of sleep last night, I feel almost awake. I did get to the post office this morning. I had to stand in line to get the right amount of postage and that little ‘par avion’ sticker put on a card that is now on its way to Sweden. I don’t know why the airmail sticker needs to be in French. Does the post office subcontract with Air France for the mail that goes to Europe?

On my way back home, I snapped a picture of my neighbor’s tangerine tree. I thought some of my readers who reside in the northern latitudes might enjoy seeing a bit of green grass in the middle of December.

I’m heading to Little Talbot Island State Park this afternoon for a few days of camping, kayaking and hiking with friends. The weather forecast looks good – 70’s in the day, 50’s at night.  Once again, I’ll be internetless but I’ll post some pictures when I get home.



12 thoughts on “That’s a Lot of Tangerines to Pick

  1. That poor little tree! I feel sorry for it, I bet it’s happy you took notice Sandy Mae!

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