And The Award Goes To ……..

I’ve been nominated or given (I’m not sure there’s a difference) more awards.  Thank you, DeeShrek over at Literally Challenged, for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award and thank you, Elyse at Fiftyfourandahalf, for nominating me for the Leibster Award. This is my second Versatile and first Liebster award.

I like awards, especially if they come with a cash prize, like the Nobel Prize, or a shiny trophy, like the Oscars. The Versatile and Liebster awards come with a cool logo you are supposed to display on your home page. I haven’t figured out how to do this on my sidebar.  Of course, I haven’t spent that much time trying to figure it out and every time I open the dashboard, WP likes to tell me my browser is out of date. This was not a surprise the first time I read it as my little laptop is 8 or 9 years old and defies attempts to download the up to date version of the browser, but by the 42nd time, that little notice becomes the tiniest bit annoying, but I digress.

Besides the shiny logo that I can’t figure out how to put on the sidebar, the award comes with an assignment that sounds vaguely like work. I’m supposed to thank the nominators (which I did in the first paragraph) and link to other deserving blogs and then pass on a few tidbits of information about me.

It is wonderful to be noticed and to have other bloggers think enough of me to nominate me for these awards. Except for Eggton which I recently discovered, all the other bloggers I would nominate have been nominated for one or both of these awards one or more times.  Please check out my blogroll on my home page. All of the bloggers listed there are very deserving. Some are funny, some are brilliant,  some are bizarre and some are brilliantly bizarre or bizarrely brilliant.  Some tug at my heart and all of them inspire me to be a better writer.

I found some of these blogs through other bloggers, either on their blogrolls or by reading comments to their blogs and then checking out the commenters that I found interesting. I’ve also discovered some wonderful blogs by randomly exploring various tags, a bit of blog spelunking so to speak.

As for the tidbits about moi, read Versatile Blogger – The Linking is the Hardest Part which I wrote after I was nominated for my first Versatile Blogger Award.

Thanks again to Elyse and DeeShrek for the award nominations!



13 thoughts on “And The Award Goes To ……..

  1. Rock on, Sandy!
    You should pass on a new award – The Versatile Liebster, which you would grant to whoever made the best fish puns that made you laugh the hardest.
    But I digress.
    You earned it, and the win is no fluke. (Yeah, lame, but I’m wrestling with a server, so I can’t really focus…)

    • Yeah, or maybe I could call it the Versatuna. I nominate El Guapo for the Versatuna Award because he’s the Big Kahuna of the Versatuna. (When I read ‘wrestling with a server,’ I had an image of you struggling with a waiter over a plate of fish tacos – I really shouldn’t drink wine on an empty stomach)

      • Dear god, now I’m going to be busy designing a versatuna logo (maybe a swiss army knife with different fish heads on the tools?) instead of finishing my job – the one I’m paid for…
        And your last mine made me think of the old joke – I don’t eat eggs on an empty stomach. I eat them on a plate.
        At least computer servers don;t get upset when you curse at them…

  2. Congrats, Sandy. Glad to give you a nod. As to putting it on your sidebar, please let me know when you figure it out. I got the award a few weeks ago and still haven’t figured it out. And so I was nominated AGAIN. Oops…. I’m thinking of doing a page but it will be so barren!

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