Surprise! Tuna is a Fish!

I paid another visit to the Auto Topic suggestion file for this post. Tonight’s (or this morning’s since technically I’ve passed midnight and not collected $200 nor turned into a pumpkin) Auto Topic question is a two parter: Do you like surprises? Why or why not?

The answer to the first question is – depends. And of course the answer to the second question is – depends on the answer to the first question. If it is a good, nice, pleasant or any other positive adjective surprise, then yes, I like it. If it is a bad, horrible or any other negative adjective surprise, then no, I don’t like it. So it follows that I like it because it is good and don’t like it because it is bad, so that takes care of the why/why not part of the question.

What I really do not like is when someone says, “That was an unexpected surprise!” Really?!? Out of all the available adjectives, you choose the one that is the definition of surprise to describe the surprise. So, we could rewrite the declaration as “That was a surprise surprise!” Yes, surprise surprises are the best kinds of surprises because they are doubly unexpected.

Now lest you think I’m some über member of the redundancy police, that distinction would fall to one of my friends who shall not remain nameless as she delights in pointing out when I am being redundant. Yes, I’m talking or writing about you, Deb. I still remember that deli incident when after my comment about tuna fish salad, you pointed out, “Tuna is a fish. You don’t say hamburger cow.” Well, I didn’t say hamburger cow then, but lately that is how I’ve been ordering my medium rare hamburger cows, though the waiters seem a bit perplexed by my orders.

I still say tuna fish more than tuna. I’ve been saying tuna fish since I was a kid and I blame my mother since she always referred to it as tuna fish. Tuna fish is a hard habit to break, sort of like trying not to say “you know” and “like” and “sort of.” Like, you know how that goes, sort of, right?

However, every time I say tuna fish or catch myself (which I can only do if I’m not running too fast) and just say tuna, I smile and think of you, Deb.



20 thoughts on “Surprise! Tuna is a Fish!

  1. Funny way to start the day with tuna fish but without the smell!

    I love this line: Yes, surprise surprises are the best kinds of surprises because they are doubly unexpected.” Clever.

  2. You mean I can’t say tuna fish any more? Actually I don’t have to say anything. As soon as I get the can opener out Bongo and Scratchy come running.

  3. Smart Ass Police here. I do not have a can of alleged “tuna fish” on hand –
    someone please check the label. Charlie cant be wrong, think of how much marketing went into that! What I hate about surprises is when someone announces “i have a surprise” and follows it with “but I cant tell you”. Well then just let it be a surprise; or is the surprise that you have decided to torture me?

  4. This is like the time I found out that hopefully is not actually correct English. Now I cannot help but say “It is hoped”, which gets me very strange looks…

  5. I’m surprised by your surprise that you don’t like surprises. Hmmm…and I know,eh? My youngest pointed out to me this morning as I made his lunch for school “See what you said, Mom? You said, ‘eh’ again.” to which I replied. “I know,eh? I just can’t help the Canadiana, kid”.

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