Anniversaries, Connections and Tips – Oh My!

Today is the third anniversary of the day I lost my job. Woohoo!! Join me in a glass of whatever it is you like to drink, or a bottle, or keg, depending on your mood. I might have all three.

Patinkin, the llama

This is not going to be a sad, poor me post because so far my day has sucked though the sucking had nothing to do with the aforementioned (that’s a nice long word – makes me sound literary or pretentious – I’m going with literary) anniversary and I’d rather not relive the sucky day.

Instead, this post is going to be about Linked In which I know next to nothing about even though I am a member or user, not sure how they think of themselves. Shortly after I lost my job, I had lots of time on my hands, though in truth I had no more time than anyone else. We all have 24 hours in a day except on those two days each year where we go through the time warp and only have 23 or gain one hour which most of us use to sleep rather than finding a cure for some dread disease.

Any way, I decided I’d try to track down some people I knew in college and had no success with the tracking on the time suck that is Facebook. So I thought I’d give Linked In a try. Of course, you have to sign up to look for people and since it was free, I signed up with the least amount of information one could possibly use – my name, city and college. Sadly, my old college buddies were not on Linked In so I didn’t track them down. I logged off Linked In and didn’t really give it another thought.

Then earlier this year, I got a notice from Linked In that someone wanted me as a connection.  Since I knew this person, I accepted. Then a month or so later, another invite popped up. This was also someone I knew, so again I accepted. Then a couple of months ago, a very good friend requested I accept her invitation to be connected, so I accepted even though she could easily call me if she was desirous of some connected conversation.

Then I thought I should update my profile since I now had three connections. So I  added my current occupation of Pet Sitter. I thought it should be Itinerant Pet Sitter because it is more avocation than vocation, but this is a professional social networking thing and I should approach it with the seriousness it deserves. So in all seriousness I listed my current position as Goat Herder at Large.  I had to pick an industry and the most appropriate one for my occupation seemed to be Hospitality, after all, I am hospitable.  Then it was on to skills. I listed cat whisperer, dog walker, house sitter, and blogger. I’m thinking of adding llama photographer because I do have a bit of experience in photographing llamas or rather I have experience in photographing one llama. It’s not easy taking a llama’s photograph as he doesn’t like to stay in one place.

I also decided I should have a photograph because that seems to be what people do on that site. I put up the logo from my business card – yes, the itinerant pet sitter has business cards. The name of my business is Sandy the Pet Sitter – catchy, don’t you think?

So now my profile was complete, all I had to do was sit back and wait for I’m not sure what. I haven’t received any job offers from this amazing profile though I do occasionally get emails from Linked In that my profile is being viewed. Seriously? I wonder if people who view my profile think that my degree from Loyola University was in goat herding (it wasn’t). Goat herding wasn’t offered as a major when I matriculated through those hallowed halls, and while I don’t know this to be a fact, I’m going to go out on a limb or in a pasture and say it is still not a major possibility.

Today, I received yet another email from Linked In stating that people were viewing my profile. This time it offered a tip that I should add another position so I could receive even more career opportunities. I’m trying to decide between the lotus and fetal positions. A decision this important requires a refill. And maybe I should take a vote. So what do you think – should I go with lotus or fetal as my other position? I am physically capable of doing both.

Cheers or Cheerio or Chim Chim Cher-ee!


24 thoughts on “Anniversaries, Connections and Tips – Oh My!

  1. so funny I almost fell off my chair. Goat herder, “I am hospitable.” Add the llama picture! Lotus position: sounds expensive like a fancy car…or like some techie wizard. Llama. Llama….(sorry I just love the sound of that word.) Funny post!

  2. I’d go with lotus. And thanks for the invite, I think I shall have a drink. Cracking open a Mike’s Hard Winter Blackberry here. Happy anniversary!

    • So happy you could share a drink with me on this most auspicious occasion! I am leaning towards lotus, too, though if I stay in that position too long, it’s hell to straighten my legs.

  3. Just to be different, I’m going to suggest you advertise the “fetal” position. Or perhaps it is my fourth glass of wine deciding. Or maybe, just maybe you should add “humorist” to the list, because you could very easily get some work that way. You are really funny. Need a reference?

    By the way, I joined LinkedIn recently too. I don’t get it either. I have “contacts” to people with whom I was already connected, with their contacts (many of whom I could have been in contact with these many years but opted NOT to be (hey could there be a reason?)). I wanted to plug my blog but found that too many of my clients were on Linked in. Nobody fun was. Well, now there’s you!

  4. Funny post!! LOL at which position should I go for – Lotus on Fetal…. LOL!! BTW, Elyse is right – you should add “Humorist” as a position.. am sure you would be very successful in that position.

  5. Lotus…
    I have a Linked In account also. I never use it. I created it 5 years ago when I was in Real Estate. With the economy and (everything connected) in the toilet I haven’t called real estate a career in 4 years or more. So my Linked In account really needs some updating. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I’m thinking you should mix and match your skills to increase possibilities.

    – House walker
    – Dog blogger
    – Sitting whisperer

    You get the idea.

  7. That llama photographer thing might get you somewhere, but I think you should branch out a little. You might want to add alpacas to your repertoire.

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