Things To Do In Palm Springs On A Thursday Night

So last Thursday night was Palm Springs VillageFest. Every Thursday night is Palm Springs VillageFest so if you ever plan a visit to Palm Springs, make sure you are there on a Thursday night.  Several blocks of Palm Canyon Drive, the main shopping and restaurant road,  are blocked off for a street festival featuring art, food and music.  In conjunction with VillageFest, the Palm Springs Museum of Art which is just a couple of blocks over from Palm Canyon Drive offers free admission on Thursday afternoons.

We took full advantage of this by visiting the museum then wandering around VillageFest admiring the crafts, sampling the food and listening to some very good musicians. My favorite was guitarist, David Wayne. He was playing Sound of Silence when we walked by and we stopped and listened for quite a while. You can listen to it at his website

I also decided to wear a bit of art home. This was an original creation by the artist who was so delighted with his handiwork that he took a picture of it to add to his book of tattoo choices. My leg, or more precisely a picture of my leg, is now in a tattoo book.  No, it is not permanent, the tattoo not the picture in the book, it may very well be permanent I have no way of knowing that. I have no desire to be stabbed repeatedly with a needle. And if I did decide to get a real tattoo, I’m sure I’d be flinching so much the tattoo would end up looking like something Salvador Dali would do if he had been a tattoo artist. This is a henna tattoo and it is starting to fade but should still be visible for a few more days. Maybe by the time it fades, I’ll be caught up with everyone’s blogs. I’m on the posts from November 12th, so I am making a bit of progress.  I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. I’ve driven through Palm Springs several times on my way from here to there, but I’ve never stopped by for a visit. I may have to do that sometime.

  2. Very pretty! Love it…I would never be able to sit for a tattoo, either. On prick from that needle and I could make sounds similar to a newborn with colic..

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