Another Sunday Ramble, Obviously

What’s wrong with stating the obvious? Aside from the obvious notion that you shouldn’t have to state the obvious as the obvious should be just that? So why ask questions that have obvious answers? I’m not talking about rhetorical questions, but questions that you expect to have someone answer.

I was watching the local news and the sports anchor was hitting the highlights or lowlights of the Tampa Bay Bucs loss to the Chicago Bears today. This game was played in England though I have no idea why. After his quick review of the game, the anchor asked the analyst, who got a paid trip to England out of this, “What happened with the Bucs today?”

Uhmmm. Let me get this one for you, “They lost!”  They didn’t score enough points or the Bears scored too many points. Take your pick.  But that’s not what the analyst said. He went on and on about arm tackling blah blah missed opportunities blah blah ran out of time. He used many words when two would suffice and I thought they taught brevity in journalism school.

I don’t watch sports much anymore. I used to watch a lot of sports except baseball, that was always a bit of a yawn. I could sleep through most of a baseball game and not have missed anything scoring wise. I grew up watching sports with my Dad. He loved college basketball and college football, though he would also watch pro games. He was a big Celtics fan. He didn’t watch much baseball except for the World Series. I do remember him taking me to a few minor league baseball games.

Most of my sports watching was done from the 70s to the early 90s. I watched quite a bit of basketball when Russell, Havlicek, Chamberlain, Erving, Johnson, Jabbar, Jordan and Bird were big names in the sport. They’re still big names in the sport but back then they were playing. I remember being at a party and talking basketball with some of the men and one of the wives asked somewhat incredulously, “You like basketball?”

“Oh yeah. Men with great bodies, covered in sweat, wearing next to nothing. What’s not to like?”

Of course, now the uniforms are far from skimpy. The shorts are below their knees. They may as well be wearing long pants. I liked basketball better when there was more skin on display and fewer tattoos. There’s a reason women travel to Florence to gaze at the statue of David and it’s not because they’re thinking, “Gee, this would be even better if it was covered in tattoos.”

My sports watching tapered off after my father died. Sports was something we shared – watching games, talking about games. Now that he’s gone, there doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to watch most sports though hockey still is appealing, but my Dad wasn’t a hockey fan. Maybe that’s why it’s the only sport I sometimes watch.

As annoying as the local sports anchor is, his cohort, the weather guy is more annoying. He just popped up on the TV to tell all the viewers to stay tuned for the latest news on newly named tropical depression 18. I think he probably meant to say newly formed tropical depression 18. After all, 18 is a number, not a name. I’m sure he’s not shaking in his shoes at this oral error. Weather guy is the only job where you can screw up half the time and still keep your job. And you can screw up in a self-important way. Of course, we get all self-important in our criticism of the weather guy when the forecast isn’t accurate and say things like. “They’re only right half the time,” but we never seem to give them credit for the times they get it right.

I started off talking about stating the obvious and then got off topic, which was probably obvious to you. But since I’ve now stated the obvious to get back to this point, I can wrap up this Sunday night ramble. Obviously.



6 thoughts on “Another Sunday Ramble, Obviously

  1. I never noticed that [pertinent information gleaned from your post]. I never would have guessed that [specific incident]! Thank you for sharing such great information! (Did that make a good spam comment? That’s what I was going for. Your blog post had a point. As does mine, which is ‘huh?’)

  2. It’s similar to scenes like this you may see on the news.

    “Today a tornado ripped through the small town of Dusty, Oklahoma destroying 45 homes and businesses. Our reporter Ima Bonehead is on the scene…”

    Ima: Jim, I standing here in front of what used to be Jeb and Clara Smith’s general store. They opened this store back in 1965 and it’s been the center of the community ever since. As you can see now it’s been reduced to a pile of rumble. (Turning to Jeb). Jeb, how do you feel about this?

    Jeb: Well you know Jim, I felt pretty bad until I heard your asinine question. Now I thank the good Lord I have more sense than a house fly which is something you obviously can’t claim.”

    And to think these people get paid to do this for a living!

    • If only someone would answer one of those bonehead questions in that way….. Those post disaster interviews are tough to watch and no questions are needed the pictures tell the story.

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