The World Needs a Hug


Today is World Mental Health Day. Everyone has been so concerned about the World’s mental health lately. I’ve heard the comments and I’m sure the World has heard them, too.

“What’s happening to the World?”

“What a crazy World!”

“The World is f#*&ked up.”

If the World didn’t have mental health issues, he/she/it would be feeling a bit paranoid after listening to the same comments over and over.  At least now there is an official day to recognize his/her/its problem.  Recognizing the problem is one thing, but how do we make the World feel better about his/her/its self? Perhaps the World didn’t get enough hugs in his/her/its formative years. Should we start hugging the World? And how exactly do we do that? Group hug, maybe? Would hugging a tree help? Would the World feel our love seeping through the tree’s roots into the World’s very being?

I always thought the World handled the stress of being the World quite well. Sure, there is the occasional spewing of lava and ash, or the venting of steam, or the shaking of the ground, but in the life span of the World, those little tantrums are only milliseconds long.  We all like to shake things up from time to time.

I rather suspect it is not the World that is f#*&ked up, but his/her/its inhabitants, especially the two-legged ones that walk upright and are incapable of flight and I’m not talking about penguins. Perhaps we’re the ones who need hugs. In honor of World Mental Health Day, I’m proposing that we greet everyone today with a hug instead of a handshake. Why not just hug everyone we see whether we know them or not? People might think we’re crazy, but the World will understand. After all, the World knows the pain of being misunderstood.


8 thoughts on “The World Needs a Hug

  1. That’s a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, there is already an official National Hug Day – January 21. If you go messing with these Hallmark holidays before you know it people will be giving valentines in June, trick or treating in February, and drinking green beer in October. The world may not care, but Hallmark stockholders will get all jacked. Nothing worse than angry stockholders except, perhaps, the 99% invading Wall Street these days.

  2. Aw man, I thought the reason random people were walking up to me and hugging me was because I was having an exceptionally good hair day. Now I know they just think I’m nuts.

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