Facebook Thinks I’m an Exotic Dancer

Yesterday, I wrote about what I consider to be the perfect number of Facebook friends. I also mentioned that I have cut back on my Facebook time. I do log on and shamelessly promote my blog which is what I did yesterday afternoon. I was surprised to find that Facebook thinks I’m an exotic dancer.

At the top of my feed was a small box asking “Are They Your Friends Too?” Underneath this question were four icons that I could add as friends. My new friends, if I choose to add them, will be Adult Entertainment Expo 2012, Exoticdancer Mag, Suga Shack and GrindTime Mag. I kid you not! I took a screen shot because I knew no one would believe me and it would be the perfect photo accompaniment to this post.

Now I’ve been wondering why Facebook thinks I’m an exotic dancer. I know I never mentioned on Facebook a conversation I had with a guy I dated in college. This was in the late 70s in New Orleans. It was the first time we went dancing and as we walked off the dance floor he said, “You’ll never have to worry about money. You can always earn a living dancing in a topless bar.”

“But my boobs are too small for that.”

“They wouldn’t be looking at your boobs.”

I know I never mentioned all of those late nights in my 20s when Kat, Cheri, Leslie and I would take aerobic classes, and then, still dressed in our leotards and tights (it was the 80s and that was sort of fashionable) hit a few local bars. After a couple of beers, we’d get on the dance floor and try to outsleaze each other.

There was that trip to the Florida Keys with DJ when I was in my late 30s. We found ourselves in a very packed biker bar and I ended up dancing on the bar. While I have told that tale to a few friends, I never told it on Facebook.

Then a couple of years ago I lost my job forcing a move from Tampa to a small rural community popular with retirees. On a visit back to Tampa, I was joking with some friends that if I got desperate for money, I could open a gentlemen’s club for seniors because I probably look pretty hot to a 75 year old.  I know I never put that on Facebook.

Now, I could understand if Facebook knew all these things (and I guess they do know now), but they didn’t. So why did they think I was an exotic dancer? Then it hit me. I had said I choreographed pole dance routines in my blog post about finding pretend love on Craigslist.

I was joking, of course, but apparently Facebook doesn’t have a sense of humor. Fortunately, I do have a sense of humor, so I was not offended that they assumed I was an exotic dancer.  I may even track down my inner Republican to make a cut so I can add Suga Shack as a friend. She sounds intriguing.



8 thoughts on “Facebook Thinks I’m an Exotic Dancer

  1. Didn’t you hear? Zuckerberg not only wants to delve into the minutiae of our lives, he wants to shape our futures! We are the Play Doh he never got as a child.

  2. Kind of unnerving, how we’re tracked like that. Maybe technology isn’t so great—

    Oh geez, I’m starting to sound like the Unabomber.

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