The Trouble With Texting, Part One

I am a reluctant texter. I’m not fond of typing on my phone with my thumbs. Being a language purist, I feel the need to correctly spell every word and use proper punctuation. No cutesy abbreviations for me, though I recently have succumbed to the occasional LOL, but I do it lower case, which might mean that I’m not laughing very loudly.

Even though I don’t like typing these abbreviations, I do like to sprinkle an occasional OMG or WTF into actual spoken conversations with other humans. (I sometimes have spoken conversations with dogs, or cats, or a donkey, but the conversations are usually one-sided, which probably makes them soliloquies.)  I’m particularly fond of saying, “That made me LOL out loud.” (I stole this quote from a television show, so extra points if you can identify the show.)

I don’t always understand the abbreviations that are texted my way, forcing me to reveal my lack of text language fluency and ask “What do you mean?” Though what I really want to type is “WTF, why don’t you spell every word?” That would probably be rude. 

I find it particularly annoying when single short words are abbreviated. I’ve seen “jk” for joke. Seriously, are people so crunched for time that they can’t spare the two nanoseconds it would take to type two more letters? Even worse is the lonely “k” which is short for ok (or the more formal okay).  I’ve even seen some texts with an apostrophe in front of the “k” denoting that the texter knows there should be a letter “o” before the “k.” So you’re going to type two characters, and you choose to type ‘k instead of ok? Am I the only one who wants to scream?

Now I know I said something in the second paragraph about extra points if you could identify the source of my stolen quote. There are no extra points, there aren’t any points at all, it’s just something people say. You can, however, swell with pride at having the correct answer to this bit of trivia.  So if you know the answer, leave a comment and name the show, but please, no abbreviations.


8 thoughts on “The Trouble With Texting, Part One

    • You must have been laughing your ass off when you added that “k” at the end of your comment! That is so you, DJ. Thanks for reading!

  1. By refusing to join the rapidly growing ranks of the illiterate (or at least lazy) text community, we are, in my opinion, fighting a losing battle. Keep fighting though because it is better to be the odd man out and have something to say, than to go along with the crowd and not know how to spell it!

    Nice article my friend!

    • I’ll never be a member of the abbreviating community. Good to know I have a compadre fighting along side of me. Thanks for reading, my friend.

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