Siamese Twins Separated By Birth

Kim called this morning and asked what was new in my life.

“So I guess you haven’t been reading my blog?” I laughed.

Long story short, she hadn’t been reading it and may have even flagged my emails as spam, but vowed to correct that.

Kim and I have been friends for close to 20 years. We worked in the same car dealership. I was the office manager and she had recently been hired as a salesperson.  I took a call in the office from my friend, DJ. She had called to tell me that she and Kevin had just returned from Las Vegas where they were married by an Elvis impersonator. After congratulating her, I hung up the phone and said to no one in particular, “Great, my last single friend just got married.”

Kim was in the office and said, “What about me? I’m single.”

“We’re not friends,” I replied.

“We could be,” she said, and we have been friends ever since.  She invited me to Christmas Eve dinners with her family and to tag along on a couple of very memorable family cruises. We still laugh about the cruise we took during a tropical storm. I helped her overcome her fear of flying with a couple of trips, one to Key West and one to Puerto Rico to embark on  a seven day cruise.

Kim is gorgeous! She is a brown-eyed brunette with cheekbones to die for. Kim is tall, about 5’10”, while I am barely 5 feet tall.  When asked how tall I am, I usually reply with 60  and 1/2 inches just to see if they can do the math.  The first time we hit a mall together, Kim was surprised that I could keep pace with her, adding that she always has to slow down because no one can ever keep up with her.

I am short, green-eyed and generally blonde, though I’ve sported other hair colors during my life. We look nothing alike. One evening we were out having dinner and a man came over to our table and asked if we were sisters.

“Yeah,” Kim replied. “We’re Siamese twins. We were separated at birth and just recently found each other.”

Did I mention she has a great sense of humor? We’re always laughing about something. One of her favorite words is comical. She is always saying this is so comical or that’s too comical.

Over the last few years we haven’t spent that much time together, but usually exchange a phone call or two a couple of times a year. We established a tradition of a Mexican Christmas dinner a few years ago. We at least meet once a year in December at our favorite Mexican restaurant to catch up on each other’s lives.

This year’s December dinner didn’t occur until April, because sometimes life just gets in the way. We made up for it by heading to her house after dinner and sitting out on the back porch, laughing and talking. We vowed, as we do every year, not to wait so long to get together again.  This year, unlike previous years, these two Siamese twins will keep those vows. We already have tentative plans to get together next week.


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