Moving to Switzerland

A couple of my politically conservative friends objected to having to visit a (gasp) politically liberal, democratic site to read my blog, though one of them didn’t realize it until I mentioned it to him.  While I received only positive feedback from other users on that site, my blogs are not political in tone, so I began a search for the Switzerland of blog sites and think that WordPress is a good fit for me.

I haven’t quite unpacked all the boxes and I’m still figuring out where things are and how to make it all work. The photo at the top of the site is of a sunrise I captured  last October while camping with friends at Jetty Park on Cape Canaveral.  There will probably be a little redecorating as I get more familiar with my new surroundings.

I had named my blog atinydancer on Dailykos, but that name was not available on WordPress. I had to come up with another name and decided to use a phrase I often use when I’m introducing myself and they think that I am saying  Cindy.

I’m liking the new digs and hope you enjoy your visits here.